Connect INSZoom to your client’s HR management system, or any other application!


With the Zoom Integrator, you eliminate the need to enter data manually in two systems.



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Zoom Integrator enables you to connect INSZoom to the systems your clients use to manage their employees like Workday, ADP or PeopleSoft. Want to find out how the Zoom Integrator can help you and your clients? Contact us by filling the four form fields!
Zoom Integrator will enable:

Secure Data Integration:

The Zoom Integrator enables the transfer of data at a specific time every day so that the two systems are synced with the most current information.

Ease of Data Transfer:

Zoom Integrator helps users import and export data from another system on a daily schedule in the form of an Excel file. Data is downloaded into an Excel file and then uploaded into another system with the most updated data.

Have your clients pre-consent to your Terms of Service:Keep Multiple Systems Up to Date:

The Zoom Integrator eliminates the need of entering data into two systems. This saves your clients – money, time and ensures the team members are as efficient as possible.

No Double Data Entry:

With the Zoom Integrator, you don’t have to enter data manually into two systems. It ensures that the data in the HRMS (or other application) and INSZoom match, removing the possibility of human error.

Multiple Job Execution:

The Zoom Integrator gives you the ability to decide the job execution process. It can be daily, weekly or monthly!

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