Zoomee – A Truly Intelligent Process Automation Bot for your Immigration Team

Posted by: Umesh Vaidyamath | Date: February 3, 2020

Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Process automation. To immigration lawyers, these terms might sound like buzzwords from faraway industries. After all, immigration lawyers, particularly in the US often still file hard copy petitions, receive paper receipts, approval and other notices, and otherwise deal with a variety of manual government processes.

But recently, there’s been a major shift. Innovations in immigration technology are coming out more rapidly than ever, and we have strived our very best to be on the forefront of immigration technology since our inception in 1999.

After spending several years building, testing, tweaking, and testing again, INSZoom has rolled out the immigration industry’s first process automation bot – Zoomee. Learn more here.

What is Zoomee?

Zoomee is an intelligent process automation bot for immigration teams. In other words, Zoomee is the immigration industry’s very first virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant, Zoomee can take care of tedious administrative processes that are often done by overworked paralegals or legal assistants. Here’s an example: updating a case after getting a receipt notice in the mail.

Here’s how it works with Zoomee. When you get a receipt notice in the mail, scan and upload it into INSZoom, and let your new virtual assistant – Zoomee handle the rest. With the power of optical character recognition (OCR)/ AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ ML (Machine Learning) technology, Zoomee reads your receipt notice, identifies the corresponding foreign national and updates their case status right in the INSZoom platform.

And it’s not just receipt notices that Zoomee can read, parse and work with. Approval notices, Application Support Center appointment notices, requests for evidence and denial notices are all recognized by your new virtual assistant – Zoomee!

But how smart is Zoomee really?

When we set out to build an intelligent virtual assistant, we had to make sure that it could operate in less-than-perfect scenarios too. Because let’s face it, we’re human and sometimes we make mistakes. A fellow human can catch and fix our mistakes, but can Zoomee?

We say yes, and here are some examples of how.

Have you accidentally made a duplicate foreign national (FN) record in your system, or does that FN have multiple records from past cases? Worry not – Zoomee finds the correct record by searching through and identifying relevant case information, and updating the data accordingly for the right FN record.

Did you get a receipt notice and only then realize you forgot to create a record for the FN client in the first place? Zoomee will create that record for you, populate it with the right FN information, and immediately update it with the receipt notice information. And if you already have a FN record in INSZoom but haven’t opened the specific case for which you got the receipt notice, Zoomee will create that case within the appropriate FN’s record.

Maybe you marked that FN’s record or case as inactive. Zoomee will catch that, activate the case and update it with the new receipt notice data.

And in the rare case when Zoomee can’t figure out exactly what the problem is, you’ll get an exception report for some good old fashioned human intervention.

Here’s the kicker, though. Zoomee isn’t just pre-programmed with knowledge and tasks – it also learns along the way. So the more it works and the more skills and rules it picks up, the more efficient and effective it becomes.

Other than updating reading and updating Receipt notices, what else can Zoomee do?

Aside from OCR and case update skills, we’re really excited about Zoomee’s bulk case creation. Today, we’re able to create bulk H-1B cap cases, non-cap cases and extensions, I-485 adjustment of status applications, and even bulk registrations for the new USCIS electronic H-1B registration system which will open its initial registration period from March 1, 2020 through March 20, 2020.

How does this work?

First, you need a workflow spreadsheet. INSZoom has generic workflows that can map to the petitions mentioned above, though you can also create custom workflows per your firm’s processes as well. For bulk case creations, Zoomee goes down the workflow you’ve created and generates cases one by one, validating your existing records for errors, duplicates, etc. along the way.

Where a FN record doesn’t exist for a particular case, Zoomee creates it in your INSZoom account as well.

As with receipt notices, if there’s an issue that can’t be resolved, Zoomee generates an exception report, along with a broader report of all transactions. So you always know what Zoomee’s doing, what it’s accomplished, and when it needs some help figuring out.

At the end of the day, we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve already built and excited for what’s to come. As we learn more from our clients and teach Zoomee more skills, we’ll continue to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence and process automation within the immigration space.

Interested in learning more? Visit our Zoomee page here or reach out to your INSZoom representative at sales@localhost.

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