Why multi-location organizations need the cloud

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: March 2, 2015

Many immigration law firms and not-for-profits that have locations across the U.S. and world need case management software that makes any geographic distance seem insignificant. The global nature of immigration means professionals are needed everywhere. But, this spread of information requires a central system to keep everyone on the same page whether they’re on their second cup of coffee in Chicago or wrapping up for the day in London.

INSZoom provides the comprehensive case management software large immigration firms and organizations need and does so by utilizing the cloud.

Take a look at some of the many advantages cloud-based CMS provides to organizations based in multiple locales:

Shared files

When an organization relies on paper documents and files, only one person can access that case at any given time. This slows down everyone’s workflows and increases the risk of an immigration professional not getting work finished on time because he or she couldn’t get ahold of the file he or she needed. The worst case scenario is that a paper file is lost or destroyed, pushing back a professional’s work even further.

INSZoom takes care of all that by ensuring shared access to documents and files through the cloud. Digital information means multiple people can work on one file at the same time no matter what location they’re in.

organisation A cloud-based case management platform allows coworkers stationed around the globe to easily share information and files.A cloud-based case management platform allows co-workers stationed around the globe to easily share information and files.
Comprehensive reporting

Prior to the cloud, each location would have to share important data with the others, most likely by emailing spreadsheets. Using spreadsheets to gather and track important reporting data creates a lot of work for the person within the organization responsible for sorting and compiling all of the information.

Instead, the cloud ensures data needed for compliance and grant reporting needs only to be entered into the CMS once and is then available for any location that needs it. Organizations can fully integrate their CMS with their websites, email, calendars and billing systems to ensure all the information they need for reporting makes its way to their central management platforms.

INSZoom provides comprehensive and customizable reporting capabilities to ensure organizations can run any report they need at any time, whether it’s going to a government authority, a parent organization or a grant-funding body.

Improved scalability

For any immigration organization, it can be difficult to expand operations without a significant financial investment upfront, but using the cloud helps with that. For law firms and not-for-profits that want to open a new location, INSZoom can provide additional storage space, ensuring that your new hires have room to work in the cloud-based CMS.

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