Use your immigration case management system to prep clients for their immigration interviews

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: December 30, 2014

The visa application process can be long and nerve-racking for clients who are eagerly awaiting permission to work and live in the U.S. It can be equally as tense for their attorneys and HR managers who want to see a positive outcome for their clients.

“HR managers and attorneys can use their immigration case management system to ensure clients are fully prepared for their interview.”

One of the most anxiety-producing steps of the application process is the immigration interview. For immigration professionals, it can be difficult ensuring clients are completely ready for these meetings. There are multiple steps clients must take to prepare in addition to controlling their nerves. Luckily, HR managers and attorneys can use their immigration case management system to ensure clients are fully prepared for the big day, which increases the likelihood of positive outcomes.

Document review

Prior to attending the immigration interview, it’s crucial for clients to review their paperwork. While they should have paper copies of it at home, they can sign on to the client portal and review the documents online instead. This is convenient for clients who need to review information while away from home and don’t want to carry important documents with them.

The client portal can also contain a list of all documents the applicant must take to the interview, such as their appointment letter, passport, photos, original and supporting documents, and the results of the medical exam. Providing clients with a check-off list may be a good idea to ensure no one forgets something because they are nervous.

Embassy or consulate instructions

Depending on the location of the immigration interview, the embassy or consulate may have specific instructions for the applicant. HR professionals and attorneys can ensure these instructions are available to their clients through the client portal. This way, clients can never lose the information they need and they don’t have to waste time calling their counseling if they misplace the paper instructions.

Client portals are a secure place for immigration professionals to provide to their clients instructions and reminders.
Reminders and alerts

In addition to the client portal, attorneys and HR professionals can utilize the automatic emails and alert systems within the immigration case management software to remind clients about the application process schedule. The professionals can set reminders for when documents need to be gathered, when the medical exam must be arranged and when the interview is scheduled. Clients can receive an email through the case management system leaving them no room to get off track.

Immigration case management software and its client portal provide many advantages for both immigration professionals and their clients. The portal specifically allows for a secure place to pass information between the parties, and can also become a resource center for clients. Immigration professionals are a wealth of knowledge and experience, and immigration case management software ensures those attributes are translated into information readily available to their clients.

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