Use INSZoom to build strong relationships with your clients

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: March 5, 2015

Every new client you take on comes with the chance to pave a two-lane road. In one direction you provide a service. You not only help this person navigate complex immigration processes, you ensure he or she has someone to turn to if worried or needing answers. In the other direction, the client’s satisfaction leads to referrals and business growth.

“Every new client you take on comes with the chance to pave a two-lane road.”

By viewing your relationships with your clients in this way, you create a focus on client satisfaction based on your sincere desire to help them as well as boost your own reputation in the long term.

While you have the chance to establish a strong relationship with every new client, it can be difficult to do so when you’re responsible for dozens of cases at a time. You only have so much time every day, and staying in contact with all of your clients and making sure they have what they need is challenging.

Consistent and open communication is key to building your two-lane road, and INSZoom’s comprehensive case management software provides the tools you need to ensure you can deliver superior services and be available without being glued to your laptop or phone all day.

The client portal

INSZoom’s secure client-facing portal is one of the most important and beneficial aspects of the program as it allows you and your clients to have a safe place to talk and work together as a team. From the minute you agree to take on a new client, that person should be given unique login credentials. Once he or she can access the portal, he or she can fill out digital forms, upload information and documents and pay bills.

The portal also gives you a place to store FAQs and other educational materials your clients may need. No matter what the immigration matter is, clients are often unsure of the projected timeline and what to expect. You can have important information such as what clients will need to do in the future and how long they may have to wait during each step of the process.

Template emails and letters

With certain kinds of immigration matters, you provide different clients with the same information. Instead of wasting time typing out the identical messages over and over, INSZoom lets you create templates. Establishing form communications allows you or your staff to quickly and efficiently keep in touch with all of your clients.

Automatic messages

In addition to template messages, INSZoom lets you set up automatic alerts and emails. For specific deadlines or other important compliance-related, you create a message with the information your clients need and the system ensures it goes out on time.

Service requests

INSZoom provides you with multiple ways to ensure your client is always on the same page as you in regard to their case, but it goes even further and allows your clients to request more from you.

Just like the road you’re building, INSZoom provides two-way communication. Not only can you send messages to your clients through the portal, but they can reach out to you, and that includes by requesting additional services. Selfishly, this helps you gain new work, but it’s equally beneficial to your client who doesn’t have to look elsewhere for their immigration needs.

It’s up to you to build strong relationships with your clients, and doing so requires consistent communication. If you strive for client satisfaction, you’ll be rewarded with more than appreciation, but good standing in the immigration industry.

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