The Story Behind INSZoom’s Conference Rooms

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: February 16, 2019

Whenever a visitor arrives at the INSZoom headquarters in Pleasanton, they almost always ask about the story behind the offbeat names of the conference rooms. So, there it is, the story behind INSZoom conference rooms.

As of today, the INSZoom headquarters has nine conference rooms and they tell the story of INSZoom history. It’s the history that we constantly get inspired from because its shaped with moments of courage, inspiration and perseverance.


Jakob Lipman, Immigration Attorney at Visawolf, has practiced immigration for over ten years and his practice focusses on employment-based immigration. Rami Fakhoury, is the founder and managing director of Fakhoury Global Immigration, one of the largest independently-owned business based immigration law firm in Michigan.Jake-Rami


INSZoom is about perfecting customer experiences, and that is exactly what Jakob Lipman and Rami Fakhoury, one of INSZoom’s closest friends have helped us achieve over the years. They have been the early-adopters of the INSZoom software, well-wishers, and helped shape the INSZoom application with their insights and real industry experience.

Nancy Honda:

In 2001, Honda, Inc. became INSZoom’s first corporate client. Nancy Angel, Paralegal Staff Administrator at Honda, has been a loyal customer ever since. Nancy-HondaThis has been one of the important milestones in the history of INSZoom and we had to honor the loyalty of Nancy Angel from Honda.

GUI Systems:

GUI Systems was the first company that officially launched the INSZoom application. GUI Systems was named after our CEO & Founder – Umesh Vaidyamath and his wife Geetha Vaidyamath. Today, GUI Systems is our CEO’s personal office, which reflects the story of INSZoom inception and its evolvement over the years.

Castro Valley:

In 1999, INSZoom’s first US office was established. This office was our CEO & Founder- Umesh Vaidyamath’s house in Castro Valley, CA. This conference room represents the journey of INSZoom’s growth and continuous improvement from home to offices in Pleasanton, CA and Bengaluru, India.


This conference room has a bit funny story. AShiva was a testing org ID created by Shiva Vaidyamath, when INSZoom was established in 1999. This testing org ID has been used by over hundreds of engineers thereafter. To this day, the INSZoom application has the same testing ID “AShiva.” We don’t have any plans to delete it, because it’s been a constant in the INSZoom application for 20 years now.


The Consulate is one of the important agencies for immigrants who plan to travel to the United States and hence we named a conference room ‘Consulate’ to identify with US immigration across the world.

Express Entry:

Express Entry is an application process for skilled immigrants who want to settle in Canada permanently and take part in the Canadian economy.


In April 2018, INSZoom launched the Canada edition, a comprehensive immigration case management and compliance software for the Canadian immigration landscape. This has been another important milestone for INSZoom and we named the conference room ‘Express Entry’ to recognize Canada’s pro-immigration policies.


USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), which is a component of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), toversees lawful immigration to the United States.


You cannot talk about US immigration, without mentioning – USCIS. Over the years, millions of visa applications have been created in INSZoom and sent to USCIS for approval. This conference room reflects the relationship with an important government agency over the years.


Rai & Associates (formerly called the Law Offices of Hardeep Singh Rai) is a full-service immigration law firm and a global immigration solutions provider located in downtown San Francisco. Cyrus D. Mehta & Partners PLLC, is a dynamic firm that represents corporate and individual clients in complex and routine US immigration law matters.


The name of the conference room ‘Rai-Mehta,’ identifies two important stories. The Law Offices of Hardeep Singh Rai was the very first client of INSZoom in 2000, the ‘Rai’ from the name Rai-Mehta comes from the name of the law firm. Cyrus Mehta, INSZoom client, has been an INSZoom supporter since its inception. Cyrus Mehta is the founder and managing partner of Cyrus D. Mehta & Partners PLLC and has time and again given his insightful perspectives about the immigration industry, the ‘Mehta’ from the name Rai-Mehta comes from the name Cyrus Mehta.

So, that’s the story of INSZoom’s conference rooms. Each name has been carved out of the history of INSZoom as an immigration software company.

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