The law firm of the future is here

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: April 14, 2015

Technology has changed nearly every industry and given employees the chance to boost efficiency; now it’s time for law firms to modernize. In many business sectors, employees have the flexibility to work from wherever they want. Everything they need is accessible through the cloud. However, many attorneys are skeptical that this new way of working will become a reality.

Although some law firms’ practices have stayed the same for years, lawyers need to move into the future to stay competitive and profitable. Efficiency and technology helps firms meet new challenges. Immigration case management platforms such as INSZoom enable lawyers to streamline their workflows and embrace technology to achieve higher levels of productivity.

How are technological developments affecting lawyers?

Technology isn’t optional. The American Bar Association amended its Model Rules of Professional Conduct in August 2012 requiring lawyers to be competent in technology, according to the State Bar of Wisconsin. More specifically, attorneys need to be aware of the benefits and risks of legal technology. In many cases, firms can reach new levels of efficiency by adopting relevant systems, such as immigration case management software. Delaware and Pennsylvania uphold this professional requirement, and California may require lawyers to be competent with electronic discovery or develop professionals skills in this area.

The cloud makes practicing law easier.

In addition, the cloud is more widely used across many industries. The demands of the legal industry are changing. Attorneys often need to travel to work on cases and access documents on the go. Many lawyers already check their work emails from their smartphones. Because of this trend, many vendors are rolling out new platforms for lawyers that enable them to do more outside of the office, including time tracking, accounting, billing, practice management and document management. If lawyers have to wait to get back to the office to enter their time or client notes, they are more likely to make errors.

New developments are changing the legal industry

Face-to-face meetings are crucial for building relationships with clients. In fact, clients may feel a stronger connection to their lawyers after meeting them in person. However, the demands of the immigration law profession may mean that lawyers aren’t in the same place as their clients. Firms can implement video chats for meetings or even initial consultations. This can help clients feel their attorneys care about their cases, even during the slow periods.

INSZoom’s cloud-based software helps lawyers manage all case documents on the go. Not only does the comprehensive platform offer automated templates that make handling cases easier, but lawyers can communicate with clients and easily keep track of all deadlines. Cloud-based systems enable lawyers to travel and stay up to date with all their cases. It’s easier to keep all documents in one place and not have to enter information multiple times. Plus, INSZoom integrates with email and billing software to store data in a central database so lawyers always have what they need.

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