The importance of getting to know your scanner [VIDEO]

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: February 5, 2015


Are you ready to create a paperless office?

If so, then you and your staff need to get to know your scanners.

Moving to a paperless office relies heavily on creating and storing digital documents in the cloud. While many forms and new documents can be generated electronically, a large amount of paper will need to be translated to digital form through scanners. Incoming documents should be scanned immediately and the office will need to tackle closed and ongoing files on top of the normal workload.

Before going paperless, you may have had a couple of scanners in your office and even then, you and your staff may not have known how to work them well.

Now, it’s time to do your research, invest in easy-to-use equipment and make sure everyone has training on how to use them. Without this foundation, any paperless initiative will stall.

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