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The importance of client satisfaction

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: May 13, 2015

Delivering a high level of service is crucial for law firms to keep clients happy. A satisfied client base increases an attorney’s chances for retention and creates an opportunity for client referrals. Many law firms think their clients are satisfied, but they have no way of knowing. Just because clients pay their bills on time does not mean they are completely happy with the service, even if their cases are being resolved in a timely fashion. Clients expect their cases to be resolved, so unless attorneys go above and beyond, clients may not be satisfied. The right immigration case management help law firms manage client satisfaction and expectations while also handling all important case deadlines.

Get to know the decision-makers

Attorneys may have a strong connection with their day-to-day contacts, but having a good relationship with key decision-makers is another matter entirely. The primary contact may not be the one who makes the decision to hire or fire a law firm. Attorneys need to know who the decision-maker is and connect with him or her directly when possible.

Why clients leave a firm

Attorneys are often caught off guard when clients leave, but there may be signs individuals are about to go elsewhere. What are the most common reasons clients are unhappy with the service they get at a law firm? Too many surprises during the work, exceeding the agreed upon budget and a lack of respect for the client’s internal deadlines are all factors in an individual’s decision to seek legal services elsewhere. Additionally, if clients have to chase their attorneys down to get an update on the status of the case, it causes unhappiness. When these clients take an unusually long time to follow up on communication or resist paying their invoices, it may already be too late to turn the relationship around.

client satisfication Start client relationships off on the right foot.
Focus on client satisfaction from the beginning to improve retention rates

For many law firms, clients won’t tell their attorneys when they’re unhappy. They will simply move on. In many client service fields, only a small portion of unhappy customers will complain about a service. This figure may be even smaller in the legal industry because some clients are intimidated by their lawyers, and there is a great deal at stake in immigration law. Attorneys need to think about what is most important to their client base.

Just doing the case work does not lead to lasting satisfaction. Firms need to go above and beyond clients’ expectations to win lasting approval. It’s crucial attorneys consider how their firms perform compared to competitors because it can help them identify further advantages. Communication is key to great client relationships, and many lawyers may have room for improvement in this area. Although law firms have more tools at their disposal for maintaining contact with clients, some may not be using email or digital marketing effectively. Because immigration matters are a top concern for clients, they need speedy responses to any inquiries.

“Just doing the case work does not lead to lasting satisfaction.”

Lawyers can better manage their client relationships and manage expectations by telling clients upfront how long they will typically wait to hear back. Emails from an attorney about the status of an immigration case can provoke an emotional response. Although many attorneys are plugged into their mobile devices all day, it doesn’t necessarily mean they should reply to emails at all hours of the day because this creates unrealistic client expectations. However, lawyers should respond to all inquiries between 24 and 48 hours.

INSZoom helps law firms boost client satisfaction

INSZoom’s sophisticated immigration case management platform enables firms to better keep track of all case documents, preventing anything from slipping through the cracks. In addition, this tool makes it easier to send information to clients and collaborate. Lawyers can automate reminders when key deadlines approach and check in with clients, even during a quiet phase in clients’ cases. Law firms need to proactively manage client satisfaction to maintain profitability.

INSZoom also makes it simple for attorneys to send digital invoices to clients, who can then pay through an online portal. The added convenience works to improve client satisfaction, ensuring individuals pay on time.

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