Sav Carpio

Posted by: Rimpy Bala | Date: September 20, 2018

Meet Sav from Hammond Young Immigration Law, LLC!

How long have you been using INSZoom?

We’ve been using INSZoom since 2012.

What do you like the most about INSZoom?

What I really like about INSZoom is how powerful the questionnaires are – I think that’s the foundation of getting started on the case and getting the work done.

I love how questionnaires capture all pertinent details, map them into the system, and with just a click, data gets populated instantly on the forms, creating less work for case managers.

What is your favorite INSZoom feature?

The cool feature I like when using zoom are the reports. It is our firm’s practice to input all the important dates/details in zoom. So when we generate a particular report, it automatically captures all the data. It helps us track important details/dates.

Also I would like to add, that zoom is accessible anywhere, that means we can work even from home.

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