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Take advantage of reporting capabilities in your immigration case management software program [VIDEO]

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: May 27, 2015


A main benefit derived from using an immigration case management software program is the ability to generate routine and custom reports in order to track not only your individual cases, but also overall business and profit.

You can set up expiration reports to track the status of your clients’ matters, which will also help you spot new opportunities. Expiration reports are one of many types of built-in reports in case management platforms that help you track your caseload. Not only will you know exactly where each case is in the immigration process at any time, but you’ll be less likely to miss important deadlines and court dates.

Some software providers – like INSZoom​ – will also work with attorneys and law firms to create custom reports. This provides you with the ability to build reports specifically tailored to your practice and preferences.

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