Most new technologies don’t instantly become smash hits. Even the tractor — which you’d think farmers would whole-heartedly support — was initially viewed as an expensive thief of horses’ jobs. Consumers need time to understand, adjust, and, most importantly, observe other people successfully using the new technology.

This is called the Technology Adoption Curve. At one end of the curve you have the Innovators. These are risk-takers who dive right into new technology. At the other end of the curve you have the Laggards. This group will adopt technology when it’s the only remaining option to complete a task. Think: Grandma buying an iPhone just to FaceTime with the grandkids.

Right after the Innovators is the most important group: The Early Adopters.

The Early Adopters are well-connected, educated, and are considered thought leaders in their field. Turning a skeptic into an Early Adopter and ultimately a brand “evangelist” is the dream of any enterprise. For INSZoom, after we launched our virtual assistant Zoomee, we were fortunate to have a client like this: Kalpana Peddibhotla.

Kalpana is a founding partner and immigration attorney at Mathews & Peddibhotla Law Group and has been practicing law for over twenty years. She started her career in civil litigation and international tax, but early on, after getting involved in a particularly emotional pro bono case, she became passionate about immigrant rights.

“One of the cases I came across early on in my career as a civil litigator was a terrible human trafficking case that happened here in the Bay area,” Kalpana recalled. “The ACLU immigrant rights group had reached out to me because the girls that had been trafficked were from the part of India that my family hails from. I met an asylum attorney and assisted her, and I saw the power of what an immigration lawyer can do to truly help people’s lives.”

It wasn’t only the trafficking case that inspired Kalpana. She is a first generation American with immigrant parents and a husband who is also an immigrant. The issues that affect immigrants and the laws that work for and against were, and still are, are important to her.

Although Kalpana and MPLG practice all areas of immigration law, they mainly focus on business immigration. “I started out wanting to be an asylum attorney and I ended up being a business immigration lawyer because that was the work we ended up getting.”

Kalpana also happens to be a skeptic-turned-admirer of INSZoom’s Zoomee.

Would you trust a bot?

Anyone in the legal field understands how paralegals or legal assistants are overworked with tedious administrative processes. These administrative headaches are even more painful for immigration lawyers, because parts of the immigration process can be repetitive and, if volumes are high, become quite time-consuming. This is where Zoomee, a virtual assistant for the immigration industry, steps in.

Zoomee is a powerful process automation bot that automates various immigration processes right in the INSZoom platform. For example, you can upload a government notices, such as a receipt or approval notice, Zoomee will read that notice using proprietary optical character recognition technology, and will then update the corresponding client’s file or create a new file if it’s a document for a new client.

When she got a call about Zoomee, Kalpana was already an INSZoom power user, but she admitted she was skeptical at first.

“We were very skeptical. The idea that a bot is going to be able to do some of the things that we have file clerks do was something I wasn’t sure made sense.” Because of this, Kalpana and her law practice actually didn’t immediately adopt Zoomee in the beginning, and put it in their back pocket as a feature they might revisit at some point in the future..

But then the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe, and the team at MPLG suddenly faced unprecedented problems that, it turned out, only Zoomee could solve.

Covid-19 and the rush to adopt Zoomee

On Friday, March 13th, 2020 — an ominous date that Kalpana will not soon forget — the MPLG office closed swiftly and indefinitely in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Everybody grabbed their laptops and whatnot thinking we were just taking a three week break. Two months later and we were still out and working from home. That created a backlog of notices because staff wasn’t going into the office to read and process them.”

Under normal circumstances, a file clerk would read and then manually file each received government notice. MPLG had a color-coded system for each notice category – a different color of paper was assigned to each notice and the file clerk followed a checklist of tasks for each type of notice. The process was really well thought-out, but it was tedious, and the backlog of unread notices was rapidly becoming a serious issue for Kalpana and her team.

So they called INSZoom to ask about Zoomee again. Shortly after, they deployed it to handle the mounting issue. Kalpana — once uncertain about relying on a bot — was blown away.

Zoomee eliminated the entire color-coding process that they were using to track notices. And to Kalpana’s great delight, “they cleared our backlog in a day, which would have taken us at least a few weeks!”

Zoomee wasn’t sent blindly into the backlog of unread notices. It was carefully trained to do its job quickly and precisely. “We did a test run,” explains Shana Howard, Senior Paralegal at MPLG. “They would send us Zoomee’s work and then we would review it.

INSZoom assigned a specific account manager to MPLG who handles all their Zoomee-related questions and issues. “Anytime we would see something wrong or that wasn’t aligned with our internal process, we would just let them know and they’d work on it,” Shana explained.

“Going through that back-and-forth process made it really comfortable. Now, when I see something that needs to be addressed, I know I can send an email to our Zoomee support and say, ‘what’s going on with this?’ I appreciate that a lot.”

In addition to answering questions and solving problems, their account manager is always around for check-ins too. This has put Kaplana’s mind at ease.

“That’s what we were nervous about with a bot. Initially we worried about who was overseeing what it was doing just to make sure,” noted Kalpana. “I gained a lot of confidence because INSZoom assigned somebody to make sure everything is moving regularly.”

But hands-on support is not the only benefit of using Zoomee.

Zoomee eliminates the possibility of human error

Virtual assistants are vital to the immigration industry, and that’s primarily because accurate data-gathering is crucial, and piles of paperwork are notoriously teetering. If done manually, all of this adds up to plenty of room for human error.

The file clerk position that was tasked with managing the notices had a high-turnover rate, which resulted in a constant churn of people training for and then leaving the role. Tedious tasks create opportunities for boredom, turnover, and mistakes. Zoomee can handle that.

“Reading notices, it’s monotonous, it wasn’t the most exciting job,” explained Kalpana. “We’ve been able to move our current file clerk to do other, more impactful work since Zoomee is handling the notices for us now.”

Zoomee helped Kalpana, Shana, and their team cut back on human error and significantly speed up their processes. With Zoomee, there are no mistakes made by a new file clerk, no delays with paralegals signing off on work, and clients never end up with the wrong information.

But most importantly to Kalpana, Zoomee has enabled MPLG to keep their entire staff safe during the pandemic.

“We are not in the office anymore. I didn’t feel good about calling my team in, and nobody really wants to come in on a consistent basis. Our practice had to become more and more digital,” Kalpana explained, “and Zoomee has really enabled us to get there.”

Making our clients happy is why we do what we do

The coronavirus pandemic has flipped our lives and work upside down, and it was the final push Kalpana and her team needed to adopt this new technology and automate their processes.

“I do love Zoomee,” exclaimed Shana. “It takes away my everyday headaches so much. I really laughed when Kalpana told me about it, but I can actually say that I love it now that we’re using it.”

So despite admitting skepticism and worries about a bot running wild with her client’s data, Zoomee has gained its biggest fan. “I would recommend this to other law firms,” Kalpana declared.

Want to learn more about Zoomee? Visit the Zoomee information page or reach out to your INSZoom representative at

Before COVID-19, global mobility was on the rise. More and more employees sought international assignments, and companies facilitated them, understanding that they are a great way to keep employees happy, encourage professional development, and attract new talent.

And while international movement has largely come to a halt due to COVID-19, it will eventually get back into full-swing, which means that the down time we’re experiencing today is the perfect time to survey and upgrade industry technology.

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing at INSZoom. On the heels of launching INSZoom’s case manager mobile app, we are incredibly excited to announce our shift toward utilizing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect our immigration case management platform with other platforms in the industry!

Overall, the immigration and global mobility industry has a number of great technology platforms – from immigration case management and forms automation tools to relocation trackers and more – but they are, for the most part, separate from each other, require multiple log-ins and often even require entering the same data over and over.

And that’s where APIs come in.

So let’s dive briefly into what APIs are, how we believe they will positively impact our industry, and then shed some light on our very first API integration with Crown World Mobility.

APIs: What are they and how do they work?

Let’s start with the basics: what is an API? An API — Application Programming Interface — creates access between different applications and allows each app to share functionality or data between one another. When applied, the connection created by the API is often called an integration. Here’s an example: When you read an article on Forbes and click the “Share on Twitter” button, an API communicates with your Twitter account without you having to do anything more than click your mouse.

APIs are incredibly important to developers. Rather than build something entirely from scratch, developers are able to use an API to borrow functionality from other apps. For example, vendors or service providers use Stripe, an online payments platform, to process payments safely and securely without having to build their own.

With APIs, the possibilities are endless for developers, but perhaps more importantly, for the end users, enabling, say, access to multiple services at the same time through one app that connects them all and delivers the data in one place.

Take personal banking as an example: if you’ve ever used the financial software Mint, you’ve experienced this firsthand. Mint connects to all your bank accounts and credit cards and, using one piece of software, Mint users can view and manage all their banking data across multiple external accounts on one interface.

In the immigration industry, lawyers use case management platforms like INSZoom to manage files, draft and put together visa petitions, and communicate with clients or, in the employment immigration context, clients as well as the individuals actually moving to the US. But what happens after the visa is approved and the individual, and perhaps their family, begins their cross-border journey?

The answer is: a lot. In fact, that’s when the work really begins. But this work isn’t handled by immigration lawyers, it’s handled by companies like Crown World Mobility, who help coordinate, manage and actually carry out the physical move. And guess what? Crown World Mobility has its own tech platform that tracks the very same individual that just received their visa.

So doesn’t it make sense for relevant data that’s already in INSZoom to also be shared with their platform? We thought so, and so did Crown World Mobility, and thus, our API integration was born.

The Crown World Mobility And INSZoom API Integration

Crown World Mobility, headquartered in Hong Kong, provides household goods shipments, immigration assistance, and other move management services. Crown employs more than 4,000 people worldwide and, when it comes to immigration, is implementing INSZoom globally to manage client work permit and visa processes.

Creating employee profiles manually in both the INSZoom system and Crown’s in-house HR system was tedious and time-consuming, so we partnered up and built an INSZoom integration as a way to easily capture immigration progress, status and documents for their Immigration Consultants.

The integration allows Crown World Mobility to sync their employee data management platform with INSZoom, making it easy for their case managers to make immigration-related updates in INSZoom and automatically see the updates in their in-house system. Updating employee data in multiple systems is inefficient. So, with this API integration, there are no concerns about syncing important client data to INSZoom anymore.

Crown has established a close working relationship with INSZoom, and now their team can more easily manage their clients and client data with greater ease and speed, and an enhanced user experience!

INSZoom and the future of global mobility

As the world continues to become more and more digital, APIs are going to play a powerful role in the growth of the immigration and global mobility industry. As new companies come up and existing platforms like INSZoom continue to grow, APIs will allow users and end clients to leverage the power of all these products and services without the headache of repeated data entry, hundreds of different log-ins and more.

With this successful API integration, we are excited to work with more companies in the industry’s pursuit of collaboration, enhanced user experience and innovation.

Want to learn more about INSZoom APIs or interested in exploring whether your company can integrate with our platform? Reach out to an INSZoom representative at or contact me directly to discuss!

The INSZoom team has returned from yet another successful AILA conference and customer appreciation event!


One of the reasons AILA is such an important event for the INSZoom team is because it gives us an opportunity to get real time feedback from our customers in-person. While introducing new upgrades to our software and workflow features to potential clients is a priority for us, our top priority at AILA is spending time with the law firms and attorneys already using our case management cloud-based software.

We hope everyone who came to our customer appreciation event on Friday at The Tasting Room Wine Bar and Shop had as much fun as we did.


Your positive feedback and candor regarding different ways our software can continue to customize to fit the needs of your clients and help you grow your business is instrumental to our product developers and engineers.

Again, thank you to all our customers who we had a chance to spend time with, to everyone who stopped by our booth for demos, and all the new customers we left with. We look forward to fostering these newly formed partnerships and seeing you all at the next AILA event!

  • “The INSZoom team has been my immigration “partner” since the beginning of my immigration practice. The support staff has been amazing by providing service that goes well beyond what is expected. In a crunch, I was able to draft documents to halt the deportation of my client THAT DAY thanks to the ease of document generation and the support from Arun, product support specialist, who guided me in the preparation process. The INSZoom team created my website and provides technical support that I desperately need as a solo practitioner. INSZoom is a reliable partner! Thanks INSZoom family!” – Sharon Cole
  • “I have been using INSZoom since 2011, and it has been such a great tool not only for my firm but for my clients (removals and businesses). I had tried in the past other software and I would extremely recommend INSZoom for your firm.” – Mary Teruya, The Law Office of Mary Teruya
  • “Forsythe Immigration Law Firm relies on INSZoom to deliver efficient and effective service to our clients. We have tried other vendors and have found no other comprehensive solution to better meet our needs.” – Jordan Forsythe, Forsythe Immigration Law Firm
  • “I have been using INSZoom for about 10 years and it is great. It saves time and impresses clients. The tech support is superlative.” – Adam King, Ketchum, Idaho
  • “Pride Immigration Law Firm has been using INSZoom for our corporate and family based work for some time. It is a great tool and the cloud based computing is spot on. I have tried other vendors and INSZoom has been the best so far. Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC has made our practice run a lot more efficiently through efficient workflows. It is no surprise that they are the Form powerhouse.“ – Jon Martin (on behalf of Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC’s use of INSZoom’s workflow system)
  • “We have been using INSZoom for almost 8 years and it makes our large global firm efficient. We are able to process cases quickly and effectively keeping our global clients informed.” – Andrea Elliott, Pro-Link GLOBAL
  • “Our network has been using INSZoom for years. We have appreciated the ability to access our case data from anywhere, including off-site churches where we often meet with clients. The customer support has also been a big help.” – Rob Rutland-Brown, National Justice for Our Neighbors
  • “I started using INSZoom as soon as I started my solo practice and it was the best investment I could have made. The clients loved the ability to just submit their info on-line, and I have immediate access to it. The customer service is professional and very fast. They follow-up to make sure everything works. Thank you.” – Miha Britt, Britt Immigration Law LLC
  • “We started using INZOOM in 2005 after trying various other software. It is by far the best immigration software we have used. Its functionality is unmatched. We also appreciate the prompt service whenever we have questions. “ – Gary Hansen & Company
  • “My firm has been using INSZoom since 2012. We really like it and it is easy to use. We are able to process more cases because it has improved efficiency and saves us time.” – Murthy K. Venkata Ramana, Law Offices of Murthy K. Venkata Ramana P.C.
  • “I like the customer support and they are very helpful at ensuring I understand the system, they update me on the process of tickets that I have raised in a proactive way and it helps me to be more efficient. I like how the billing, forms, and reports are all in one location.” – Jeraline Singh Edwards, Law Offices of Jeraline Singh Edwards
  • “I have used INSZoom for many years now and loved the ease of use and set-up of the system. They constantly update their site and have a very fast response time for questions and issues. Most importantly, their cost per user beats most competitors. Thank you INSZoom for putting out such a great product.” Richard Chang, Wasserman, Mancini & Chang P.C.

  • “INSZoom is a great product because its accessibility. The staff is very helpful and willing to help with any issues. The company stands behind the product, which is great.” – Mandi Bucceroni
  • “INSZoom has helped organize our practice tremendously since we started using it. It is very comprehensive and easy for our entire staff to use, and it allows us to represent our clients effectively and efficiently. “ – Jenny Ansay, Justice for Our Neighbors
  • “INSZoom is a great asset to my practice. Working in the field of global immigration, it is a great “one stop shop” for the information I need to service my clients well. In addition, the support I receive from the INSZoom staff is top notch and they make the process seamless. INSZoom is a cost effective way of tracking client files and it’s very user-friendly.” – Alma Montes de Oca

It’s that time again! Time for a new blog! The next blog in the series of Customizing Your Case Management System to Improve Efficiency is going to be on using the immigration forms within INSZoom. In my last blog we discussed the importance and benefits of using the INSZoom questionnaires to improve efficiency within your firm. This blog is going to show you how you can use the data captured with questionnaires to populate immigration forms!

We are in the midst of H-1B cap season. This is the busiest and most insane time of the year for many practitioners. Employees are working late, working on the weekends and are stressed out trying to keep up. If you are not using INSZoom or the forms feature now is the time to make a change!

Let me help you paint a picture: you are so busy you don’t know how to even start your day. You have so many applications that need to be completed and you are getting more cases every day. You need to keep track of your foreign nationals, reach out to them, capture data, request documents, and complete applications forms. By using INSZoom you can add the foreign national into INSZoom, add a new case for them, link documents (Docs Check List), link questionnaires, and email both to the foreign national with a few clicks of the mouse. You can start a new case in a few minutes. Once the information comes back you create the form with another few clicks of the mouse. To be quite honest with you, you can’t afford to NOT use INSZoom!

INSZoom has an extensive database of immigration forms and if you are providing immigration into the USA look no further! INSZoom has everything you need to provide fast and efficient immigration services to your foreign nationals and clients.

INSZoom has a forms team that is led by an experienced US Immigration Attorney to ensure that as soon as the USCIS updates an immigration form we get it updated in our system, that the data fields get mapped and questionnaires get updated. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the forms and being able to use them to submit your applications to the government and we know that!

Many of the blogs I have drafted speak to the efficiency that can be had by using the various functions within INSZoom. All of those functions are in place to capture the data needed to populate the forms. If you are sending out the questionnaires to capture data then you need to get that information onto the forms. The wonderful part of using an immigration case management system to manage your case load is that once you have the data in INSZoom you simply link the form and create it. Creating the form pushes all of the data in the system onto the form in the correct data field so all you need to do is review the form, save it and send it to your foreign nationals. Gone are the days of Word or Adobe questionnaires and you having to retype the information on the form. We are in the midst of H-1B cap season. This is the busiest and most insane time of the year for many practitioners. Employees are working late, working on the weekends and are stressed out trying to keep up. If you are not using INSZoom or the forms feature now is the time to make a change!

If you would like more information on using INSZoom or forms please reach out to me, Christen Gause, for more information. I am happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Christen Gause, MBA

Manager, Business Development & Solutions |, Inc. | christen.gause@localhost

Main: 925 244-0600 Ext 285


Many technology companies offer products and services online, including INSZoom, which has been cloud-based since we started in 1999. But we understand your concerns over the safety of the cloud and, especially, your clients’ very personal information. Can you manage a fully secure business using online services? Can you store and access data via the Internet and still tell your clients their information is private and protected?

Find out the answers to these questions and many others by downloading INSZoom’s new, free whitepaper, Is the Cloud Secure? A Primer on Cloud Software and the Immigration Industry.

We are cruising right along with this blog series! Thanks for following along and educating yourself on how you can improve efficiency at your firm. The next blog in the series of Customizing Your Case Management System to Improve Efficiency is going to be on the corporation portal also known as the HR Portal. In my last blog we discussed the importance and benefits of using the INSZoom Foreign National Portal to help improve efficiency within your firm. This blog is going to show you how using the HR Portal (Client Portal) can help you improve efficiency and productivity.

The foreign national portal is for your clients/assignees/foreign nationals/employees so they can login to check the status of their immigration cases. The HR Portal is for the global mobility managers/ HR managers/immigration specialists so they can login and check the status of the immigration cases for their global mobility population. This blog will be geared towards those who provide corporate immigration services along with those who work for a corporation.

I write this blog from the perspective of the law firm who is providing access to the HR Portal so those of you who work for a corporation and have an immigration provider using INSZoom, you can see what is available to you for your use. The HR Portal is available to all INSZoom clients who are using Enterprise and Professional Editions.

Benefits of using the HR Portal
  • Customize the portal to show only the information that you want the global mobility professional to see.
  • Provide access to create, upload and edit corporation travel policies and guidelines.
  • Provide access to create, upload and edit corporation related updates, news or travel alerts.
  • Allow the global mobility professional to upload corporate digital documents that could be needed for immigration purposes such as block visa approvals, proof of company origins in a host country, etc.
  • The global mobility professional can view their entire global mobility population, their cases, their info, emails, notes, expiration dates, etc.
  • Ability to run their own reports! You can create Adhoc reports specifically for a client and grant access to the report so the global mobility professional can run it themselves. You can also grant access to INSZoom created reports.
  • Grant access rights that are specific to the global mobility professional. For example, if the global mobility professional is responsible for foreign nationals going to AsiaPAC you can grant them access to only those individuals and they won’t be able to see anything else.
  • Set appointments with the global mobility professional that will appear on a calendar in the HR Portal.
  • Allow the global mobility professional to request a new case for a foreign national directly with you. They can upload the PPT, CV, Job Description or any other available document that they might have when submitting the request. This means the documents are already uploaded into INSZoom and the foreign nationals profile has been created saving you the time of doing this yourself!
  • Initiate a new request directly to the foreign national with the case manager in cc on the email.

There are many benefits of providing access to the HR Portal but the biggest benefit comes from empowering your global mobility professional’s to access they data they need when they need it. They can login and complete a number of tasks or view information without sending you emails asking for updates or copies of a document.

A few of the benefits from using the HR Portal are:

  • Reduce the amount of emails that come from your global mobility professional asking for an update on immigration petitions. If you built the case steps that I taught you about 2 blogs ago and they match the immigration process then the global mobility professional can login to the portal, check the status of the cases for their foreign nationals and easily see the status of an immigration process.
  • Track and view the expiration dates of many documents from passports, visas, cases, I-94, I797, EAD, Green Card, and anything else you could possibly want to track! This will greatly help to reduce the emails from your global mobility professional asking for this information.
  • Upload documents in a secure manner! Not only is it safer but it is faster. Many email servers have limits on the size of the documents that can be sent and received. The global mobility professional can upload documents at the time of the case request. This ensures you are able to review these items right away and they are already in the system with the profile created! This is a huge help and a major time saver to you and your team. (documents can also be uploaded at time)
  • You are empowering your global mobility professional by providing them 24/7 access to their data. Global mobility professionals are kind of stuck in the middle. They need to keep their company costs down, they need to ensure the happiness of their employees and they need to work with their immigration provider in an efficient manner. Most global mobility professional wear a lot of hats and have to keep a lot of balls in the air at the same time. I personally would prefer to have access to information so I did not have to ask for it and I can assure you that they would want the same thing.
  • The global mobility professional can run their own reports! This is my favorite benefit! How many hours are spent running reports for clients on a weekly basis? Create company specific reports and grant them access to them so they can run them themselves! The only thing you need to do is ensure you are keeping INSZoom updated at all times…but you should be doing this anyways…right?

To get started using the HR Portal, if you have not used it before, is to review how you are using INSZoom. Analyze the features that you are using and what information you would like to provide to your global mobility professionals. Then review the needs of your corporate clients and discuss this option with them. You will need to teach them how to use the portal but it is easy and straight forward to use so it should be fairly simple. I recommend creating a cheat sheet for your clients and if you customize the HR Portal make sure it is specific to them.

In my last blog I mentioned how using the FNP will help you with RFP’s. Well, the HR Portal is more important for you to understand as this will seal the deal on those RFP’s. Corporate clients want to have access to their data! Not only do they want it, they demand it and you need to make sure you can provide it. INSZoom provides the HR Portal to you and it is part of your subscription so there is no reason not to harness the power of this tool.

This is a screen shot of the HR Portal that has information populated in it and all of the features available. Remember, for items that you don’t use or don’t want the global mobility professional to be able to view, you can hide them.

(click image to enlarge)

If you would like more information on using the HR Portal please reach out to me, Christen Gause, for more information. I am happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Christen Gause, MBA

Manager, Business Development & Solutions |, Inc. | christen.gause@localhost

Main: 925 244-0600 Ext 285


Are you new to INSZoom or have you been using the system for a while but have not really taken the necessary steps to fully utilize the system? INSZoom is a powerful case management system that when fully utilized can help you to streamline processes, improve efficiency, remove the chance of errors and ensure accountability. This might seem like a tall order but it is possible if the right steps are taken. So, how does when get started with accomplishing so much? You break it into steps and work through each process also known as project management!

Here are the steps that need to be taken to customize INSZoom to meet your firm needs and see a return on your investment (ROI). This is a big project but it is worth the time and effort. THis is the first blog post in our series called Customizing Your Case Management System to Improve Efficiency.

1. Create a project plan
  1. You might think that you should jump in head first without a project plan. You want to get started, you know what customizations you want to make and you don’t want to waste time on a proper project plan. DO NOT DO THIS! You need to decide what the goal is, what you want to accomplish, who is going to do the work and the time frame that you want to get it done in. If you jump in without planning I am guarantee you that you will end up with a lot of rework which a waste of time and money.
2.Have a meeting with all stakeholders
  1. I have seen a lot of firms who find their best project manager to manage a project and they appoint them to figure out how the firm can better use INSZoom. This individual might not have any knowledge with immigration but is very “tech savvy” and they are told to look at INSZoom and figure out how “we can better utilize the system”. This is not helpful. If you don’t know the challenges of those doing the immigration work and how to add value to a process you are not helping. During the “kick off” meeting you need to lay out the roles and responsibilities for the project, develop a scope statement that clearly lays out the business need, the problem, the objectives, the benefits of completing the project, and key milestones.
3. Understand the process that you are trying to improve or replicate
  1. If you are not a case manager, paralegal, attorney or someone who knows the immigration processes well you need to sit next to someone who does and watch them work. See what steps they are taking, see what they are doing and pay special attentions to the steps they are doing repetitively. It might take a few days of observing to see an entire process; immigration matters are not completed in a day.
4. Decide what steps and/or processes you want to complete using INSZoom

The goal would be to have all steps and processes being completed in INSZoom. Analyze the process from start to finish.

  • case initiation received from client,
  • add foreign national to INSZoom,
  • add dependents,
  • open cases,
  • grant access to the foreign national portal,
  • send welcome email to foreign along with the questionnaire and docs check list,
  • receive data back from foreign national via questionnaire and docs uploaded through the foreign national portal,
  • mark off case steps as completed,
  • populate immigration forms,
  • send forms to foreign national to be signed,
  • submit application to government authorities,
  • case approved – change case to approved or closed and track the expiration date.
5. Customize the knowledge base

1.After you determine what steps and processes you want in INSZoom you need to decide what sections of the knowledge base need to be customized.

  • Creation of custom data fields for fields not available in zoom but specific to your firm or your clients.
  • Create questionnaires to capture client data.
  • Create email templates using keywords to easily create routine emails
  • Create letter templates using keywords for support letters.
  • Create petitions for your immigration matters
  • Add case steps & reminders (workflows) to match your immigration process and capture key milestones.
  • Add steps events to the case steps & reminders to automate your process. (This one is my favorite as it enables you to process a case my clicking a button).
  • Link the immigration forms to the petition along with the support letters.
  • Customize the foreign national portal to meet your firm’s needs and those of your clients.
6. Document your new processes and train your staff

1. Now that you have customized INSZoom to meet your needs you need to document your processes. Most firms would do this in the form of a training manual. Create a step by step training manual that can be used to teach your current team members how you are going to utilize INSZoom going forward. I suggest a training for each team member and ensure they understand the process going forward. Everyone needs to process cases the same way so that the data captured is accurate and uniform. If your firm will be running reports and providing information to clients you must ensure uniformity and accountability in data collection. Training manuals are invaluable tools that a lot of firms don’t have but should. When a new person is hired a training manual can be used as a reference guide as they learn how to process immigration cases the way your firm requires. This is, after all, what makes you unique from your competitors!

Customizing INSZoom and capturing your firms’ processes will go a long way in taking your firm to the next level. Your firm will be uniform in how you communicate with clients which allows you to set expectations. Clients will learn what to expect with each step of the process. Your team and firm will appear very tech savvy and professional in its delivery of immigration services. The best part is that you will see a return on your investment! Your employees will no longer be doing repetitive tasks, making silly mistakes when copying and pasting email and letter templates, and doing manual data entry. You will be able to process more immigration cases with less overhead which means more profit in your wallet!

This blog is the first in a series of blogs on how to fully utilize INSZoom to improve efficiency. Be sure to watch this space for more blogs on how to:

  • Creation of custom data fields for fields not available in zoom but specific to your firm or your clients.
  • Create questionnaires to capture client data.
  • Create email templates using keywords to easily create routine emails
  • Create letter templates using keywords for support letters.
  • Create petitions for your immigration matters
  • Add case steps & reminders (workflows) to match your immigration process and capture key milestones.
  • Add steps events to the case steps & reminders to automate your process. (This one is my favorite as it enables you to process a case my clicking a button).
  • Link the immigration forms to the petition along with the support letters.
  • Customize the foreign national portal to meet your firm’s needs and those of your clients.

Till next time,

Christen Gause


Inszoom Academy