The INSZoom team has returned from yet another successful AILA conference and customer appreciation event!


One of the reasons AILA is such an important event for the INSZoom team is because it gives us an opportunity to get real time feedback from our customers in-person. While introducing new upgrades to our software and workflow features to potential clients is a priority for us, our top priority at AILA is spending time with the law firms and attorneys already using our case management cloud-based software.

We hope everyone who came to our customer appreciation event on Friday at The Tasting Room Wine Bar and Shop had as much fun as we did.


Your positive feedback and candor regarding different ways our software can continue to customize to fit the needs of your clients and help you grow your business is instrumental to our product developers and engineers.

Again, thank you to all our customers who we had a chance to spend time with, to everyone who stopped by our booth for demos, and all the new customers we left with. We look forward to fostering these newly formed partnerships and seeing you all at the next AILA event!

  • “The INSZoom team has been my immigration “partner” since the beginning of my immigration practice. The support staff has been amazing by providing service that goes well beyond what is expected. In a crunch, I was able to draft documents to halt the deportation of my client THAT DAY thanks to the ease of document generation and the support from Arun, product support specialist, who guided me in the preparation process. The INSZoom team created my website and provides technical support that I desperately need as a solo practitioner. INSZoom is a reliable partner! Thanks INSZoom family!” – Sharon Cole
  • “I have been using INSZoom since 2011, and it has been such a great tool not only for my firm but for my clients (removals and businesses). I had tried in the past other software and I would extremely recommend INSZoom for your firm.” – Mary Teruya, The Law Office of Mary Teruya
  • “Forsythe Immigration Law Firm relies on INSZoom to deliver efficient and effective service to our clients. We have tried other vendors and have found no other comprehensive solution to better meet our needs.” – Jordan Forsythe, Forsythe Immigration Law Firm
  • “I have been using INSZoom for about 10 years and it is great. It saves time and impresses clients. The tech support is superlative.” – Adam King, Ketchum, Idaho
  • “Pride Immigration Law Firm has been using INSZoom for our corporate and family based work for some time. It is a great tool and the cloud based computing is spot on. I have tried other vendors and INSZoom has been the best so far. Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC has made our practice run a lot more efficiently through efficient workflows. It is no surprise that they are the Form powerhouse.“ – Jon Martin (on behalf of Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC’s use of INSZoom’s workflow system)
  • “We have been using INSZoom for almost 8 years and it makes our large global firm efficient. We are able to process cases quickly and effectively keeping our global clients informed.” – Andrea Elliott, Pro-Link GLOBAL
  • “Our network has been using INSZoom for years. We have appreciated the ability to access our case data from anywhere, including off-site churches where we often meet with clients. The customer support has also been a big help.” – Rob Rutland-Brown, National Justice for Our Neighbors
  • “I started using INSZoom as soon as I started my solo practice and it was the best investment I could have made. The clients loved the ability to just submit their info on-line, and I have immediate access to it. The customer service is professional and very fast. They follow-up to make sure everything works. Thank you.” – Miha Britt, Britt Immigration Law LLC
  • “We started using INZOOM in 2005 after trying various other software. It is by far the best immigration software we have used. Its functionality is unmatched. We also appreciate the prompt service whenever we have questions. “ – Gary Hansen & Company
  • “My firm has been using INSZoom since 2012. We really like it and it is easy to use. We are able to process more cases because it has improved efficiency and saves us time.” – Murthy K. Venkata Ramana, Law Offices of Murthy K. Venkata Ramana P.C.
  • “I like the customer support and they are very helpful at ensuring I understand the system, they update me on the process of tickets that I have raised in a proactive way and it helps me to be more efficient. I like how the billing, forms, and reports are all in one location.” – Jeraline Singh Edwards, Law Offices of Jeraline Singh Edwards
  • “I have used INSZoom for many years now and loved the ease of use and set-up of the system. They constantly update their site and have a very fast response time for questions and issues. Most importantly, their cost per user beats most competitors. Thank you INSZoom for putting out such a great product.” Richard Chang, Wasserman, Mancini & Chang P.C.

  • “INSZoom is a great product because its accessibility. The staff is very helpful and willing to help with any issues. The company stands behind the product, which is great.” – Mandi Bucceroni
  • “INSZoom has helped organize our practice tremendously since we started using it. It is very comprehensive and easy for our entire staff to use, and it allows us to represent our clients effectively and efficiently. “ – Jenny Ansay, Justice for Our Neighbors
  • “INSZoom is a great asset to my practice. Working in the field of global immigration, it is a great “one stop shop” for the information I need to service my clients well. In addition, the support I receive from the INSZoom staff is top notch and they make the process seamless. INSZoom is a cost effective way of tracking client files and it’s very user-friendly.” – Alma Montes de Oca

Welcome back! Thanks for following along and educating yourself on how you can improve efficiency at your firm. The next blog in the series of Customizing Your Case Management System to Improve Efficiency is going to be on capturing data through the use of questionnaires. In my last blog we discussed the importance and benefits of using the INSZoom HR Portal to help improve efficiency within your firm. This blog is going to show you how sending questionnaires to your foreign nationals to capture data can greatly improve your efficiency and cut down on the time spent doing manual data entry in the foreign national immigration process.

Questionnaires are an excellent tool to use to capture data from your foreign nationals. Depending on the edition of INSZoom that you are using, you can either use the INSZoom created questionnaires that match the corresponding government forms, or you can create your own. We have an entire team of people who ensure that the INSZoom created questionnaires that are available to you match the government issued forms. If you have specific data that you wish to capture then you can create your own questionnaires.

To get started using the questionnaires you will want to link the questionnaire to the petition at the case level. You simply find the one that corresponds to the government form or the petition that you are filing and link it to the case. You can link more than one at a time and send them all to your foreign national at the same time by using the email feature.

To email the questionnaires to your foreign nationals you draft the email within INSZoom and choose which questionnaires you wish to send out. Once sent, the foreign national clicks on the link and accesses the data by inputting an Access Code and then they can view the questionnaires you have sent to them for completion. The process of completing the questionnaires is very easy for the foreign national. The information, once added by them, is automatically updated in your database so you don’t need to manually enter the data. The information also will appear on the other questionnaires so they truly only need to add the data one time. As they work through the questionnaires they just add in the data specific to that questionnaire. Once they finish they can click on “Verify and Inform Case Manager” and an email will get sent to you notifying you that they completed the questionnaire.

Case Managers always have access to the questionnaires and they can update the information, add information and view the status of the questionnaire. If the foreign national has accessed it and/or completed the questionnaires the status gets updated automatically. There is no need to email your foreign national to see if they have completed them but following up and chasing them is up to you!

Utilizing questionnaires to capture data will greatly improve your efficiency and productivity. The foreign national is adding the data to your database so there is no need to retype the information or add information to the forms!

If you are a busy law firm or corporation and you struggle to find time to get everything done then look into using INSZoom’s questionnaires. For our next blog we will cover how using the forms within INSZoom can help you to improve efficiency and streamline processes at your organization.

If you would like more information on using questionnaires please reach out to me, Christen Gause, for more information. I am happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Christen Gause, MBA

Manager, Business Development & Solutions |, Inc. | christen.gause@localhost

Main: 925 244-0600 Ext 285

It’s that time again! Time for a new blog! The next blog in the series of Customizing Your Case Management System to Improve Efficiency is going to be on using the immigration forms within INSZoom. In my last blog we discussed the importance and benefits of using the INSZoom questionnaires to improve efficiency within your firm. This blog is going to show you how you can use the data captured with questionnaires to populate immigration forms!

We are in the midst of H-1B cap season. This is the busiest and most insane time of the year for many practitioners. Employees are working late, working on the weekends and are stressed out trying to keep up. If you are not using INSZoom or the forms feature now is the time to make a change!

Let me help you paint a picture: you are so busy you don’t know how to even start your day. You have so many applications that need to be completed and you are getting more cases every day. You need to keep track of your foreign nationals, reach out to them, capture data, request documents, and complete applications forms. By using INSZoom you can add the foreign national into INSZoom, add a new case for them, link documents (Docs Check List), link questionnaires, and email both to the foreign national with a few clicks of the mouse. You can start a new case in a few minutes. Once the information comes back you create the form with another few clicks of the mouse. To be quite honest with you, you can’t afford to NOT use INSZoom!

INSZoom has an extensive database of immigration forms and if you are providing immigration into the USA look no further! INSZoom has everything you need to provide fast and efficient immigration services to your foreign nationals and clients.

INSZoom has a forms team that is led by an experienced US Immigration Attorney to ensure that as soon as the USCIS updates an immigration form we get it updated in our system, that the data fields get mapped and questionnaires get updated. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the forms and being able to use them to submit your applications to the government and we know that!

Many of the blogs I have drafted speak to the efficiency that can be had by using the various functions within INSZoom. All of those functions are in place to capture the data needed to populate the forms. If you are sending out the questionnaires to capture data then you need to get that information onto the forms. The wonderful part of using an immigration case management system to manage your case load is that once you have the data in INSZoom you simply link the form and create it. Creating the form pushes all of the data in the system onto the form in the correct data field so all you need to do is review the form, save it and send it to your foreign nationals. Gone are the days of Word or Adobe questionnaires and you having to retype the information on the form. We are in the midst of H-1B cap season. This is the busiest and most insane time of the year for many practitioners. Employees are working late, working on the weekends and are stressed out trying to keep up. If you are not using INSZoom or the forms feature now is the time to make a change!

If you would like more information on using INSZoom or forms please reach out to me, Christen Gause, for more information. I am happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Christen Gause, MBA

Manager, Business Development & Solutions |, Inc. | christen.gause@localhost

Main: 925 244-0600 Ext 285

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] Inc., the world’s leading immigration case management and compliance company, was presented with the Bronze Stevie® Award in the Customer Service Department of the Year category in the 11th Annual American Business Awards in Chicago, Illinois on June 17, 2013.

The American Business Awards are the nation’s premier business awards program. More than 3,200 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories.

“INSZoom is proud to once again be given a key award in the American Business Awards in the Customer Service Department of the Year category,” said Umesh Vaidyamath, founder and CEO of INSZoom. “Our customer service professionals work hard every day to ensure our customers in the U.S., U.K. and worldwide receive the best possible support and services.”

Nicknamed the Stevies for the Greek word for “crowned,” the trophies were presented to honorees during a gala banquet on Monday, June 17 at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park Hotel. More than 500 nominees and their guests attended.

More than 3,200 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories, including Most Innovative Company of the Year, Management Team of the Year, Best New Product or Service of the Year, Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year, and Executive of the Year, among others.

Stevie Award winners were selected by more than 320 executives nationwide who participated in the judging process this year.

“This year’s American Business Awards was outsized in every way,” said Michael Gallagher, Stevie Awards founder and president. “More entries and more judges than ever before, and I’d have to say the most impressive collection of nominations we’ve ever received. We congratulate all of this year’s Stevie winners for their outstanding work.”

Technology and automation are more than just buzzwords; they are proven ways to help immigration lawyers more effectively use their resources to grow their businesses and engage with their client base. Since we first started offering cloud-based case management solutions for immigration lawyers in 1999, INSZoom has excelled at giving immigration lawyers the tools to automate key components of their enterprises. We’ve worked closely with our clients over the decade to help them grow through innovation, automation and the productive use of technology.

Watch the video.

You’ve probably heard horror stories about ransomware attacks. No one is safe from these attacks — law firms both large and small are vulnerable. Now, in addition to the traditional cyber-attacks we’ve come to fear, a new wave of ransomware attacks are hitting law firms. With these new attacks, your law firm’s data isn’t just encrypted and held for ransom, but your clients’ confidential information may be released to the public when the ransom isn’t paid.

There are two key factors that ransomware attackers consider when choosing their victims: accessibility and high-value data. For example, large organizations like universities often have small security teams making them an easier target for ransomware. And organizations like hospitals and law firms have highly sensitive data that they’re often willing to pay steep ransoms to keep private.

The corona-virus pandemic has forced many lawyers into home offices where they must rely on potentially insecure, or at least less secure, internet access and personal devices. And as legal teams continue to work remotely, law firms are left wondering if their data is safe from attack.

The leading immigration case management company announces that its cloud-based compliance technology is fully compatible with the latest Windows operating system and Internet browser.

San Ramon, CA – January 7, 2014 –, Inc., the world’s leading immigration case management and compliance company, announced today that its cloud-based immigration case management software is fully compatible with the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 8.1, and Internet Explorer version 11. INSZoom has conducted extensive compatibility tests of its leading immigration compliance software on Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 to ensure its clients get full and seamless access to the tools they depend upon to manage digital immigration regardless of their operating system.

“Our clients are a multi-varied group. Some will choose to upgrade to Windows 8.1 right away, while others will wait until it becomes the new standard,” said Umesh Vaidyamath, CEO, INSZoom. “As a leader in immigration technology software, INSZoom has ensured that our solutions are fully compatible now so that our clients can rest assured when they do choose to upgrade to the new operating system.”

Windows 8.1 was first made available to the general public on October 17, 2013. Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1 was released on that same day; the Internet browser was released for Windows 7 on November 7, 2013. Adoption of these new updates is starting to pick up steam, with early adopters upgrading their systems at a steady pace. INSZoom’s immigration compliance program’s full compatibility with these systems ensures that its early adopter clients have everything they need to upgrade to the latest operating system.

As the leader in immigration technology software, INSZoom dedicates expansive resources to ensure its software solutions are always updated and upgraded. In late October 2013, INSZoom introduced a series of new features to help its clients manage immigration just after the government shutdown ended. In May 2013, it introduced new 2D barcode technology into its case management system. The company was the first to offer a cloud-based immigration case management system and continues to lead the industry in innovation and responsiveness.

About INSZoom: INSZoom Inc., is the world’s largest immigration software company, with offices in San Ramon, CA, US; London, UK; and Bangalore, India. Founded in 1999, the company helps corporations, enterprises, law firms, and consultants better manage case initiation, workflow, management, I-9 Compliance and E-Verify. As a Microsoft Certified partner, INSZoom provides clients with leading-edge technology, flexible platforms, and superior compliancy management tools. For more information, please contact press@localhost.

I often read on blogs or websites about the kind of questions individuals with immigration cases under process ask for themselves or for their family members. One question that stands out is ‘What is the status of my case?‘ On hearing this I reminiscent back to the time I started my career as an immigration professional, when our mailboxes and telephone lines would be flooded with these questions. I used to think Why!!! Why can’t we have a simple way of getting this information other than having to call the USCIS and then sending the information to the employee?

Just over a decade ago the Online Case Status Check was introduced by the USCIS, in October 2002. A long time has passed since, and today there is a significant difference in the customer experience while dealing with the USCIS. Today they have multiple online options like Case Status Check, My Case Status, the portal released by USCIS in April 2004 with email and SMS capability and the recent e-Request feature, to inquire or learn about processing of cases.

With the Department of State introducing the Visa Status Check, they seem to be taking a leaf from the experience of the USCIS in improved customer experience, a move I strongly believed was long overdue.

I am excited to be a part of the team at INSZoom, that takes another step, to continue being the forerunner in providing technology solutions by integrating with the Visa Check Status. This cool and intuitive feature will enable checking the status of the DOS Case directly from the INSZoom system. This in addition to the existing USCIS case tracking features. To learn more about this cool new feature feel free to contact our customer service representatives.

By Anuj Sarin

Hope my earlier blog helped you in the process of preparing yourself and your organization to file for the H-1B’s. In this blog I shall focus on activities that involve compliance but are intrinsic to the H-1B process.

  1. Ensure identified resources are eligible for the H-1B based on specialty occupation requirements, 16 years of equivalent US education, and / or any other internal criteria and provide the Units with the list.
  2. Determine the wages to be paid; you need to consider the following before determining the wage to be paid
  3. Ensure that the Wage survey, used is the latest.
  4. Let your Compensation team know of the wages that need to be paid to these H-1B employees.
  5. Once LCA requirements are identified (refer comments in my earlier blog) make sure to send out the Posting notices to the locations for which they are being procured.
  6. Start procuring the LCA’s. You may want to put a future start date on these LCA’s to maximize the time that you can get.
  7. If 3rd party placement of resources is involved, work with the Sales or Client Engagement or concerned teams to have valid and updated Client letters, SoW’s or Contracts.
  8. Follow up on LCA postings and once posting period is completed ensure that you receive the posting notices back.
  9. Update the Public access files with the posting notices and the LCA’s once certified by the DOL.
  10. Check your Public Access files to ensure that they contain the updated documents such as benefits, compensation structure, relevant policies and process documents, etc.
  11. Ensure that the form versions you have are the latest.

By when should all the activities be started and/or completed? This would depend upon the volume of H-1B’s that you need to file. You could look calculating these dates keeping in mind the filing window of 1st 5 working days in April 2014 and back working based on your volume and processing capability.

The time to process has begun folks, forget about the holiday season, roll up your sleeves and get to work. The rewards for the effort that you are going to be putting in, will be visible in the smiles and thank you notes you would get from employees on intimating them about the approval of their H-1B’s probably starting June 2014 or earlier if the case is filed under premium processing.

Welcome back! Thank you for following along with the series of Customizing Your Case Management System to Improve Efficiency. In my last blog we covered case steps/reminders (commonly called case steps) and also known as work flows – Maximize Firm Productivity with Case Steps. For this blog I will discuss the importance and benefits of using the INSZoom Foreign National Portal to help improve efficiency within your firm. This blog will also help you see why it is useful to use those case steps/reminders!

Are you wondering what the Foreign National Portal (FNP) is? If you are unsure and never heard of it then shame, shame! The FNP is a valuable tool that all clients who use Enterprise and Professional Editions have access to and you can grant access to your clients/assignees/foreign nationals/employees. For purposes of this blog we are going to refer to them as foreign nationals.

By using the Foreign National Portal you can:

As you can see from the lengthy list above, there is a lot that can be done with the Foreign National Portal. The wonderful thing is that each firm (this would be you) can customize the FNP to meet their needs and the needs of their clients. You can hide functions and areas you don’t want the foreign national to see and you can do it per corporation.

If you are using INSZoom and populating information in the system about each foreign national then it only makes sense to grant access to the foreign national’s. There are many benefits that result from granting access to the FNP and teaching your clients to use it.

A few of the benefits that result from using the FNP are:

To get started using the FNP if you have not used it before is to review how you are using INSZoom. Analyze the features that you are using and what information you would like to provide to your foreign national’s. Then review the needs of your corporate clients and discuss this option with them. You will need the support and approval of your corporate clients but if you think this would help you then by all means have a discussion with them. You have access to this fantastic tool and you should use it. If you do family law you will want to review the needs of your clients and if they will have access to the internet.

Once you have figured out what the needs of your clients are and how you want to use the FNP you will then want to customize it. If you only want to grant access to view case status then you can simply hide all of the features or sections that you don’t want the foreign national to see. Before you roll this out to your clients I recommend that you detail internally how you will grant access to the FNP, inform the foreign national and have hammered out all of your internal processes. I then recommend creating a guide or cheat sheet for the foreign national’s. Not everyone is tech savvy and having something drafted and available to send out will be helpful and much appreciated by your clients.

One important item I would like to mention before I close is that the FNP and the use of it will really help you if you competing in an RFP (Request for Proposal). Every single RFP that I have ever seen from a corporate client had a lot of questions about security and access to a portal for their employees. If you want to be able to compete in an RFP you will need to understand the FNP and how you are going to use it.

This is a screen shot of the Foreign National Portal that has information populated in it and all of the features available. Remember, for items that you don’t use or don’t want the foreign national to be able to view, you can hide them.


(click image to enlarge)

If you would like more information on using the Foreign National Portal please reach out to me, Christen Gause, for more information. I am happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Christen Gause, MBA

Manager, Business Development & Solutions |, Inc. | christen.gause@localhost

Main: 925 244-0600 Ext 285


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