Many technology companies offer products and services online, including INSZoom, which has been cloud-based since we started in 1999. But we understand your concerns over the safety of the cloud and, especially, your clients’ very personal information. Can you manage a fully secure business using online services? Can you store and access data via the Internet and still tell your clients their information is private and protected?

Find out the answers to these questions and many others by downloading INSZoom’s new, free whitepaper, Is the Cloud Secure? A Primer on Cloud Software and the Immigration Industry.

By Umesh Vaidyamath

USCIS has not digitized its processes yet. Its first attempt to do so on a large scale was the ELIS system, which was launched with a great deal of fanfare. However, since its launch, the usage of the system has been much lower than hoped for and the use of it has not spread much beyond the original form I-539. When the USCIS goes digital, immigration law firms will need to do so as well. But there are two kinds of law firms that have seen the writing on the wall and have made significant progress in moving to digital work flow and into the Cloud.

The largest immigration practices have been at the cutting edge of moving to the cloud. Of the top 25 immigration practices around 25% have already moved to the cloud and we expect that in a year or so that percentage will cross 50%. The rationale for doing so is competitive. The trend towards moving to the cloud is clear. These firms have a choice of whether they are ahead of the curve or behind.

Practices that serve the IT community have made strides into the cloud as well. Their clients are more sophisticated and demand and expect to work on the Cloud. Younger and solo practices with little legacy issues move to the cloud more readily, and are able to reap the benefits of doing so.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons for an immigration law practice to move to the cloud:

Improve Accessibility:
  • Work from anywhere and anytime;
  • Accessible through any device, mobile, laptop, Mac, Windows
  • Location independence.
  • Ease access to Information using web interfaces
  • Convenience and Continuous Availability
Globalize Your Operations:
  • Seamless working together across all US and Global offices for law firms as well as clients
Robust Security and Recovery:
  • State of the art security
  • Control access to all documents
  • Efficient backup and recovery
  • Resiliency and Redundancy

There is one advantage of moving to the cloud which most companies who sell cloud services and practices that choose to move to the cloud do not fully realize until they have made the move. Using the cloud saves you a large amount of file storage space. If you look around your office or any law firm office, 15-20% of the raw square footage of law offices is consumed by file storage. You can make much better use of space than storing paper files. Moving to the cloud results in a better office: more pleasant and more efficient.

INSZoom stands ready to help you transition to the cloud. You can read our white papers on “Moving to the Cloud” and “Is the Cloud Secure?” and contact a representative by email: sales@localhost or phone: 925-244-0600 to learn more. We look forward to putting you on cloud nine.

Hello and welcome to INSZoom’s video blog. Does your law firm have multiple offices with people who need to collaborate on a daily basis? Without a cloud platform, this process can be difficult and lawyers may not be able to access the forms and case documents they need.

Immigration case management software makes it easier for firms to collaborate and foster strong communication across different offices. Employees can share forms with others, reducing the time it takes to process certain paperwork. As cases progress, attorneys are able to update notes within the CMS, keeping everyone on the same page so no deadlines fall through the cracks.

Cloud-based databases help firms keep their contacts in one place, further enhancing organization.

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