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Posted by: INSZoom | Date: April 14, 2015

Technology greatly improves efficiency in a law firm, especially when it comes to reducing the length of time it takes to complete the steps in a visa application. However, attorneys are often so busy practicing law that they may not have time to stop and evaluate their processes and identify areas for improvement. Although firms need to keep doing the same amount of work – or more – to remain profitable, technology like INSZoom’s case management software can streamline their immigration-related workflows.

What has changed in the legal landscape?

The legal industry has undergone a number of major shifts in the past few years, which is increasing the need for new technology. Firms face higher price competition, commoditization of legal services, non-hourly billing and a greater number of nontraditional service providers, according to a survey from Altman Weil. Many of these transitions emerged from external pressures, such as more demanding clients and more competitive firms that challenged how legal services are routinely provided. To cope with these changes, law firms need to boost efficiency.

Establishing a more efficient process not only helps immigration law firms reduce the amount of time it takes to file visa applications, but it also helps them become more competitive in their jurisdictions.

Law firms are under more pressure.

How to leverage technology to boost efficiency

Increasing a firm’s efficiency is crucial for staying profitable and meeting evolving challenges in the legal industry. Here are some tips to streamline workflows:

  • Go paperless: Having extensive files can make it more difficult to stay organized. With a scanner and a strong file-naming system, firms can improve organization and reduce errors, which saves time and money. Keeping all case files in the cloud allows different employees to access and use them. With INSZoom, clients can upload case documents to the interface.
  • Create streamlined intake forms: While all cases are different, attorneys can save time when processing new cases if they have a single intake form because they are familiar with the document. Additionally, clients can use INSZoom’s online portal to fill out and submit these forms.
  • Invest in a new project management process: With a more established internal process, law firms can save time and process H-1B applications in less time. To improve these processes, INSZoom provides established workflows.
Partner with INSZoom to streamline projects

INSZoom has extensive experience in the immigration law industry and can help firms cut down on the amount of time it takes to perform each step of the H-1B application. Firms may even be able to cut the length of time in half. With letter and email templates and a forms library, lawyers can save time for every part on the application.

This year’s H-1B season may have just ended, but now is the time to invest in INSZoom to get ready for the next round of applications.

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