How can you make immigration processes more transparent for your foreign nationals and corporate partners?


With INSZoom Stakeholder Portals –Human Resources Portal (HRP) and Foreign National Portal (FNP), you make the immigration case processing experience open, clear, transparent and immediate. INSZoom Stakeholder Portals have a two-pronged approach giving more power to your clients’ HR officials as well as their employees. You, as a law firm or a corporation have a direct and open line of communication, document management and case processing.



In a nutshell, INSZoom Stakeholder Portals give visibility to foreign nationals for their cases, conform to internal processes of an organization, empower responsiveness and transparency and is a path to open and organized communications. The Case Request feature adds further value to these portals where HR leaders, global mobility professionals and foreign nationals can create cases directly into the application through the Human Resources Portal.


Human Resources Portal

This is a dedicated portal built for your HR clients and tailored specifically for their organization and immigration processes. This portal empowers them and centralizes information by giving them the ability to:


  • Access employee profiles
  • View document checklists
  • Check on expiring items
  • View and print documents
  • Check on case statuses
  • Run detailed reports

Foreign National Portal

This portal gives foreign nationals direct access to their own immigration case processes.No more answering questions like: “What’s happening with my case?” “What documents are needed?” “What’s the deadline of submitting my documents?”. Through the Foreign National Portal, foreign nationals can:


  • Provide their own personal information, mitigating mistakes
  • Receive and complete questionnaires at their convenience
  • Manage and monitor their case
  • Upload their documents
  • Communicate securely with HR and your firm
  • Be completely supported from end-to-end through the immigration process

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