Spring Cleaning Your Immigration Database Cabinets!

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: May 23, 2018

The weather has started warming up, it’s time to open our windows and clean our cabinets. That time of the year to spruce up our house has finally arrived. With more immigration cases, more changes in regulations, and more changes in client expectations comes the additional work of managing quality data.

Whether you are an immigration lawyer, paralegal, mobility professional, your work involves finding relevant information quickly. A lot of immigration law firms and corporations still use MS Excel for their primary database management. As data grows, the standardization, documentation, and reporting become tricky. So how do you know your data is untidy?

  1. It may not be segregated or available in a clean tabular format.
  2. Redundant data with missing values or inconsistent data with values not in the same type
  3. Data that is not in a well-defined format and available for analysis
Why do you need clean databases?
  1. Save time: While searching for specific case information, clean databases help you search faster. When you skim through tons of data looking for clients’ information, imagine the amount of time you’ll save.
  2. Better performance from your case management system: Redundant, unclean data affects your case management system and slows it down dramatically. Keep what’s valuable and discard the rest.
  3. Increase your daily productivity and efficiency: Reduce your frustration searching and focus on the information you need. Spend more time opening and closing cases instead of getting stuck in a data bottleneck.
  4. Bad data is bad for the business: Unformatted, unstructured data inhibits effective decision making. A segregated, formatted data will give you the power to analyze and gather customer insights such as win rates, cases with resolutions, time spent etc. These insights will lead to informed decisions while making business decisions.

  5. Meet and exceed client expectations: Clients demand efficiency and cost-effective services. The pressure from clients to deliver more synthesized, relevant and specific information quickly can be immense. Advanced reporting will give you a competitive edge, exceeding clients expectations.
  6. Scaling your business: Quality data insights will help you scale your business by targeting the right prospects, channeling resources in the right direction, reducing manual efforts through automation, and reducing wasted time and resources.
The Cleaning begins…

The first step is diagnosing the level of cleaning required. Whether it is just going to be ‘Sweeping’ or ‘Deep cleaning’ it depends on how much raw, unfiltered and unformatted clients’ data you have. Over time, as database of your clients’ cases builds up, heavy data cleaning will not will not only make the entire data easy to migrate but also build a systematic process to follow in your immigration case management system.

Tomorrow’s ‘data-driven’ immigration professional or lawyer will have the opportunity to benefit on a day to day basis as well as in growing the business. Technology-driven immigration lawyers and professionals have the competitive advantage of processing massive amounts of data at a very high speed. A systematic immigration case management system will help manage a clean, enhanced, refined and structured data which is more readily searchable, and can be mined for specific insights.

INSZoom approaches data migration with a strategy and a plan. We help businesses manage clean databases into their INSZoom case management system. INSZoom immigration software helps its users automate the workflows and steps reducing errors, increasing efficiency, and productivity.

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