Silver Stevie Award Winner for Customer Service Department of the Year!

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: May 11, 2018

We’re proud to announce that we are the Silver Stevie Awards winner for Customer Service Department of the year in The 2018 American Business Awards®.

Our hallmark is our excellent customer service department which has kept the company going for the last two decades. At INSZoom, we take pride in our excellent customer service. Our customer service reps start their day speaking to our customers in a friendly, and empathetic voice beaming with deep product knowledge. We treat each customer with care and respect. How are we able to do this? Ask Umesh Vaidyamath, CEO of INSZoom and he will answer with confidence, ‘We listen and deliver WOWs’.

At INSZoom, we are not only customer-focused, we consistently walk the extra mile to delight our customers. We mitigate the need for reactive customer service by providing training to our customers. When in need of help, all INSZoom customer service reps are available at any time of the day. All Zoomers (that’s we call all employees at INSZoom) at the Customer Service department follow the Kaizen philosophy for a seamless, effortless delightful service for all its customers.

With INSZoom’s Immigration Case management software we make the lives of Immigration lawyers, attorneys, HR and Global mobility specialists easy. We use omnichannel customer service system for our customers to reach out to us including emails, phone, and social media platforms. Back in 2013, we implemented major changes in our system and services to enhance the excellence in service quality. We initiated using Zendesk as our primary support system. Using Zendesk, INSZoom’s Customer Service team serve with better outcomes by immediately reporting an issue, and initiating a direct online conversation with support staff in real time. Our response time is 25% faster than industry standards.

At INSZoom, we strengthen our relationships with our customers by proactively reaching out to our customers. This ensures that our application is being efficiently used by our users. In cases, where the application features are not being utilized in a structured way, our representatives proactively reach out to our customers to help them utilize the application to its fullest potential. This helps our customers improve their business and efficiency using INSZoom Immigration Case Management software. INSZoom consistently trains our customer service reps providing them with Immigration domain and extensive product knowledge to treat our customers with care, respect, and empathy.

INSZoom is a global leader in immigration case management solutions. We are committed to providing the best by listening to our customers, innovating and adapting to the ever-changing immigration industry. Are you interested to learn more about INSZoom? Please connect with us at 925-244-0600 x1 or sales@localhost. You can also request a free demo here.

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