Sign more corporate clients with INSZoom!

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: May 1, 2019

Are you struggling to land corporate accounts? Your prospects want assurance that you understand their needs. In today’s environment data security is a massive concern for companies all over the world and they need to know their employees’ data is safe, along with having the tools to get the job done. Let INSZoom help! It all begins with sales support. Here’s how INSZoom immigration software can help you:

  • We can create a customized pitch presentation about how INSZoom, as your immigration technology partner will provide a secure, enterprise-level environment for their employees and global mobility team.
  • Walk into pitch meetings with an INSZoom consultant at your side. INSZoom can provide in-person representation at your next pitch meeting; whether it’s in-person or remote via screen-share. Our consultants will meet with you to understand the client context and prepare to address their specific goals and concerns. They will also be available for any post-pitch meeting support to answer any additional questions or requests the client may have.
  • Let us produce a custom video introducing INSZoom to your prospects. We’ll create a re-usable video for you to share with potential clients, tailored for your firm, including your logo and branding, so you can send a bespoke, professionally-produced introduction to your prospects.
  • We’ve created a user-friendly portal where their employees can view, manage and create cases.
  • We can provide testimonials from other large corporate clients.

Next, our Corporate Portal provides the security and transparency your clients demand! We’ve made it easier for your enterprise-level clients to:

  • Track individual cases
  • Follow up on cases, key dates and expirations.
  • Provide supporting documents to submit to the government
  • Communicate with your case managers
  • Update their employees
  • Run reports, on-demand
  • Initiate new cases while routing them for approval

INSZoom succeeds when you succeed! Let us help you deliver the strategies that solve your customer’s problems. Contact sales@localhost today!

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