Reduce your number of filing cabinets [VIDEO]

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: January 12, 2015


It’s time to cut down on the number of filing cabinets taking up space in your office.

Not only do unnecessary paper files require useful – and often expensive – space, they take up your paralegals’ and law clerks’ time and energy to search. Paper files are also a severe business continuity risk – a fire or other natural disaster can ruin your documents and make continuing your cases difficult.

Instead of relying on an inefficient filing system, digitize your forms and documents. Every document brought into your office should be scanned and saved to the cloud. Unnecessary paper can then be shredded and recycled.

By retaining only your necessary originals, you can get rid of most of the old filing cabinets lining your walls and use the space for something more useful.

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