Reduce employee turnover with better case management software

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: April 10, 2015

Employers can reduce the risk of losing their best staff by utilizing immigration case management software. Reducing employee turnover is a top priority for many organizations, especially as the costs of recruiting new employees and lost productivity increase. In the post-recession economy, many employers have a harder time retaining skilled workers as highly qualified employees can seek other employment if they aren’t satisfied. Several factors, including relationships with managers, benefits, team size, vacation time and salary, influence turnover.

The costs of employee turnover

Companies know it’s a hassle to replace a top performer, especially when the individual also had crucial specialty skills. While this can be a drain on productivity for remaining staff, turnover has potentially unseen costs. Research from the Center for American Progress found employers spend approximately one-fifth of an employee’s salary to hire a replacement. These costs are even higher when the position requires advanced knowledge or skills. It also takes time to onboard new employees and return to the same level of productivity.

“Employers spend approximately one-fifth of an employee’s salary to hire a replacement.”

It’s important to consider these costs, as 20 percent of employees will voluntarily seek new positions each year, according to the Center for American Progress. As the economy improves, workers gain more job mobility.

The role of technology

The internal systems employees use to accomplish their daily tasks are an overlooked aspect of employee turnover. Organizations may select the platforms that make the most sense based on cost and later find these solutions don’t meet their needs. For example, if employees travel for work, they may need to access certain platforms from their laptops. If the platform isn’t cloud-based and doesn’t have this functionality, it can be a major source of frustration because it interrupts workers’ ability to get tasks done.

Employees are less likely to leave if they have tools that make their work lives easier. In particular, case management software offers multiple improvements that will help organizations run more efficiently. With a case management platform, businesses can codify specific processes to ensure everyone is using the same workflow.

Companies need helpful software that has a streamlined workflow. Without an established protocol for how tasks should be done, employees may create their own ways of doing things, which results in inefficiencies and makes it more difficult to train new employees. Working without a process can also lead to errors. With a streamlined process, organizations can onboard new staff members more quickly.

More importantly, business protocols allow companies to better manage turnover. If employees leave unexpectedly or take a significant amount of time off, everyone else can manage the same amount of work by following the same process. The right platform can also make it easier for companies to do more work with the same number of people.

INSZoom boosts efficiency to save time and money

Streamlined technology makes daily responsibilities easier for employees, which reduces turnover and daily stress and improves efficiency. Through cloud-based technology and encrypted data, INSZoom’s sophisticated platform enables companies to manage these top priorities. INSZoom’s case management software offers predefined and customizable templates to help companies guarantee predictability and compliance with immigration laws.

Turnover has substantial costs. With better technology in place, companies can improve internal processes to increase efficiency and minimize the risks of employees feeling the need to leave.

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