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The experts in our Professional Services team are here to advise you on the best ways to improve your immigration processes and systems. We’re committed to your success and are here to help as your business grows.

Evaluation Services

With the INSZoom Evaluation services, INSZoom will evaluate how you currently utilize INSZoom make recommendations on how you can use INSZoom to your advantage, and how INSZoom can help you get ahead of your competition.

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Configuration Services

Our experts can help configure your organization’s case processing workflow to your specific needs for a more streamlined, efficient case management. With INSZoom Configuration Services, INSZoom consultants will configure workflows, modules and portals, based on your organization’s case processing workflow.

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Case Workflows

In Case workflows – we set up petitions/case workflows that are ready for you to use. With INSZoom Configuration Services, INSZoom consultants will configure workflows, modules and portals, based on your organization’s case processing workflow.

Billing & Invoicing

We will create a custom-configured billing module created to suit your workflows. INSZoom Billing is the only invoicing tool created for immigration workflows. Learn why you should configure INSZoom Billing to your immigration workflows.

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Case Request

HR, global mobility professionals and foreign nationals initiate case requests that go directly into your workflow.

Foreign National Portal (FNP)

The FNP gives foreign nationals direct access to their own immigration processes. No more answering the question “what documents are needed?” “What’s the deadline to submit my documents?” Learn more about INSZoom Stakeholder Portals.

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Human Resources Portal (HRP)

Human Resources – The HRP is a dedicated portal built for HR professionals of corporations and tailored specifically for their company’s immigration processes. Here’s why you should get the HRP!

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Specific requirements for your reporting will be configured in the report module for your organization


With immigration having many small processes and multiple pieces of information required to submit a complete petition, there can be a possibility that you might be missing out on a crucial step, protecting your organization. Learn how the INSZoom E-consent Module will protect your firm!

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Data security has become the primary concern for leading businesses. Learn more about how INSZoom MFA empowers maximum data security, opportunity to win more clients and the ability to gain a competitive edge.

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Email Calendar Sync

With an influx of emails coming in from various stakeholders of a case, wouldn’t you want all your emails (sent & received) related to a client’s case in one place? The INSZoom Email Sync has the ability to sync your Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail and other emails to the INSZoom application.

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INSZoom integration allows for transfer of data to and from other applications (like human resource management systems Workday and PeopleSoft) and your INSZoom system, eliminating the need to enter data manually into more than one system. Here’s a brief summary on the Zoom Integrator that allows you to eliminate the need to enter data manually in two systems.

  • Secure Data Integration – the Zoom Integrator enables transfer of data at a scheduled time every day so that both systems are synced with the most current information
  • Ease of Data Transfer – users may import and export data from another system on a daily schedule through MS Excel documents
  • Keep Multiple Systems Up-to-Date – eliminate the need for entering data into two systems
  • No Double Data Entry – no need for manual data entry into multiple systems, minimizing the possibility of human error
  • Multiple Job Execution – you control the job execution process — daily, weekly or monthly

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Data Migration

Switching from your existing system to INSZoom doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We are here to migrate your clients’ data quickly and safely with no data loss and no interruption to your business, all while picking up active cases seamlessly.

  • Import all historical information
  • Pick up active cases seamlessly
  • Keep business continuity intact


Every organization is different — different size, different focus, and different goals.

  • Customize product functionalities
  • Meet your needs with specifically tailored programs


Now that you have the most efficient immigration case management software, we’re ready to help you use it to its fullest potential.

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