Prepared to hit the home stretch of this H-1B cap season?

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: March 12, 2018

We’re in the homestretch of the H-1B cap season 2018! With less than four weeks remaining before the filing period, we’re sure you’re on top of your H-1B game. We hope this quick summary of tips will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks during this narrowing window of time!

1. Reporting, reporting, reporting!

There’s still time, so be sure to leverage on your existing client database to identify last minute H-1B applicants who may have missed out on last year’s CAP lottery or applicants outside the U.S. or in another status. INSZoom Business Intelligence and Ad hoc Reports will help you identify applicants, run reports and track many more benchmarks.

2. The H-1B workflow

The H-1B workflow remains relatively unchanged because the inherent process has remained unchanged. Following our immigration case management workflow allows you to efficiently manage daily caseloads and anticipate possible bottlenecks between your team and your clients.

3. Does everyone on your team know what ‘To-Do’ tomorrow?

Just because you’ve already let someone know that they need to get back to you on something doesn’t relieve you from reminding them. People miss messages, forget or overlook things on their ‘To-Do’ list. Develop and stick to constant and a continual system of reminders and follow ups which is exactly what our INSZoom To-Do Module lets you do!

4. Wait -are you getting paid for these cases?

Amidst the unforgiving timelines of the H-1B cap season, don’t forget that someone has to pay for all those government filing fees. Make sure that your funds will account for every single government check issued or that the company has directly provided these checks well in advance so you’re not scrambling before March 30th. The INSZoom Billing Module is one of a kind, the only invoicing tool created specifically for immigration workflows. INSZoom Billing allows you to send invoices and reminders directly from the application. You can link cases and timers, create custom payment plans and track and manage your receivables.

5. Keep your emails in control!

It’s easy to send one email asking for an update. It’s a lot harder to update several hundred employees, HR reps and concerned managers one by one. Remember those helpful workflows and process steps? If you’ve kept them up to date, it’ll come in handy when your clients are logging into their user accounts to check status instead of mailing you directly. The INSZoom Partner Portals make immigration processes more transparent for your foreign nationals and corporate partners making the entire H-1B experience open, clear, transparent and immediate.

6. After April 1, you’re still not done!

The H-1B season doesn’t really end after filing so be sure that you have a system to track and confirm delivery of the filings at the service centers. Be ready to receive and record receipts for the petitions that are selected in the lottery and break the bad news for the ones that didn’t.

Stay calm, keep your focus and get onboard with INSZoom, if you haven’t already! You can request a demo here. Email us at sales@localhost or call us at 925-244-0600 x 1.

Happy filing and good luck to us all!

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