Patricia McKinney



Meet Patricia McKinney from VisaWolf!

How long has your organization been using INSZoom? 

Since 2000


What do you like the most about INSZoom?

At the time my firm selected INSZoom, we were in the process of building an in-house case management solution. At a certain point, it became apparent that INSZoom had a much better grasp on software development and that we wanted to focus on our core competency, immigration. INSZoom worked with our firm to develop the features and tools we were trying to create on our own. It has turned out to be a great partnership.


Which INSZoom add-on module does your firm use and how has it helped?

We use the billing module and find it to be extremely helpful in getting invoices into the hands of our clients very quickly. We also like that the payment and other details are available in the same system where we manage the cases.


How has the Global Process Module helped your firm?

Our firm uses the global module to manage visa projects outside the United States.


How has using INSZoom changed the way your company does business?

INSZoom is a fully integrated part of our business. We rely on the reminders and reports to track all aspects of our business. Our team members prepare all cases and documents their activities in INSZoom. We are a lot more efficient and have better transparency because of INSZoom.


What is your favorite part of INSZoom?

I absolutely love the case questionnaires and daily case reminders. When completed correctly by the client, the case questionnaires save valuable time and are a wonderful resource that can be referenced back to when there is a data discrepancy. The daily case reminders are kind of like a personal assistant that reminds you of what needs to be done (something vital when working on a wide range of client cases) and keeps you on track.


Why would you recommend us to someone else?

I would recommend INSZoom to someone else because I can’t imagine my job without it. It helps me in every aspect of my job from billing, case introductions, questionnaires, daily case reminders, and forms.


Describe INSZoom in one sentence.

From initiation to finalization, INSZoom handles it all.

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