Why We Updated INSZoom’s Website, And Why Your Immigration Law Firm Should Too!

Posted by: Umesh C. Vaidyamath | Date: October 30, 2020

Looks aren’t everything, unless we’re talking about websites, then looks — and the overall user experience — are everything. When potential clients search for your business online, your website will likely be the first thing they find, so it’s vital to the survival of your business that your website makes the best possible first impression.

If done right, your website will act as a 24/7 salesperson. It is constantly working to educate visitors about your business and promotes your products and services nonstop. Your website should be the dream salesperson you could only hope to hire — expert on every aspect of your business, is always closing deals, and is as good looking as it is functional. But just like the best salespeople need regular training and development, you need to continually update and invest in your website to ensure it continues to successfully welcome, inform and hopefully convert visitors.

And honestly, a great performing website isn’t a one-and-done project. Instead, over time, as you measure and analyze your site’s performance and identify specific problems or potential improvements, you can (and should) update it accordingly. It can be as simple as a rebranding — changing colors or images — or it could be as big as a complete overhaul. But either way, staying fresh is important.

We recently asked ourselves: Is INSZoom’s website telling the right story about our business? We mulled over this question for a handful of months, and realized it was time for a makeover.

Since our last website refresh a handful of years ago, the list of products and services that INSZoom offers has evolved and expanded. And as INSZoom has grown, our marketing strategy has changed and the need for a new and improved site became clear.

We’re incredibly excited to launch our new website, which highlights all of INSZoom’s added features and functionality. So much so that we wanted to write about it, and dive into why we think it’s important for immigration law firms to update their websites too!

INSZoom’s new website highlights the company’s expanded products and services

It’s easy to simply publish your website and then avoid truly evaluating its performance over time. We didn’t want to fall into that trap, so the INSZoom team took the time to measure and analyze our site’s performance before undergoing a massive design overhaul. We realized that even though we rolled out exciting new features and services over the past few years, our website wasn’t reflecting these updates, and so the pages we wanted visitors to see weren’t getting as many hits as we wanted.

After many months of hard work, our new website highlights our three premiere products and explores, in-depth, the benefits of INSZoom:

1. Case management. The INSZoom Case Management System is our core platform that helps you run your immigration law practice. The system is cloud-based and secure, and delivers all the tools you need to accelerate your firm’s workflows. Plus with everything from beneficiary portals to dashboards, you can manage client documents, get a snapshot of your firm’s cases and more with just a few clicks.

2. Zoomee virtual immigration assistant. Launched in 2019, Zoomee is INSZoom’s artificial intelligence tool that eases the massive workload of your paralegals and legal assistants. Zoomee handles administrative processes such as reading scanned USCIS notices and updating the respective client’s INSZoom file – something that can be time-consuming and error-prone when done by a person but faster and error-free when leveraging Zoomee. Plus, we are continuing to teach Zoomee new skills, so the more you use it, the more streamlined and efficient you can make your law firm.

3. INSZoom Academy. And finally, about two years ago we launched the INSZoom Academy, which helps our users perform at their absolute best. The INSZoom Academy provides quality training and structured assessments that will enable you to solve your day-to-day immigration law challenges using the INSZoom case management system better and more effectively. You’ll master the capabilities of INSZoom and set yourself apart as an INSZoom expert. Plus, upon completion of various courses, users can get a certification that not only shows they’ve mastered the system, it makes them more marketable for promotions or new opportunities!

We’re extremely proud and excited about our website redesign, but one thing we kept thinking about as we were working on our own website was how we wanted to share this concept of consistent updates and redesigns with the broader immigration industry.

So we thought we’d post the question to you, the reader: is it time to revisit and potentially update your website?

Here are some reasons now might be the time to update your immigration law firm’s website.

Does your website need an update?

Renewing your company’s online presence is vital to your continued growth. For a tech company like INSZoom, a website update reflects new products, new features, or an entirely new marketing direction. And so while it’s exciting, it’s often a lot of work.

The great news for law firms is that, unless you’re expanding into a new practice area or making a substantive change about your firm’s structure, updating your website can actually be much easier. If you’re wondering, “well why should I

Here are five questions you can ask yourself to see if it’s time to update your website:

Do you want to rebrand?
Your website needs a consistent look and feel across every page. Colors, image themes, and design features should be the same throughout because even the smallest inconsistencies — like navigation menus in different locations from page to page — can frustrate visitors and increase your bounce rate. If you haven’t updated your website since it was first published, freshening up features like color palette, fonts, button styles, and iconography is an easy first place to start.

Do you want more traffic?
You could have the best-looking website on the web but if it isn’t optimized for search, no one will see it. The best way to boost traffic to your site is through content creation, specifically publishing articles on your website’s blog. Websites that feature a blog have a 434% greater chance of being ranked highly on search engines.

You can do a keyword research to discover what specific words and phrases people are using in their search engine queries. Include these keywords in your blog posts to boost their searchability. The more you publish to your blog, the more frequently your site will update, and the better it will rank online.

Do you want to convert more visitors to leads?
Your website should tell visitors — total strangers to your company — everything they need to know about your company. Your website’s content should 1) be easy to navigate, 2) clearly demonstrate your value, and 3) make it easy for visitors to become paying clients. Something as simple as the design and content of your website’s buttons can make a world of a difference.
Do you want a mobile-optimized website?
Did you know that 58% of website traffic is via a mobile device? We love our phones, and we do a lot of work — both personal and professional — on them, and search engines know this. When you Google something on your phone, Google will show you mobile-friendly pages first. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re missing a massive number of potential clients.

Do you want to improve the user experience?
Improving your website’s functionality will create the best experience for your users and convert them into customers. User experience can be boosted with small changes like reconsidering images on your website or checking your backlinks. Research ways to improve your website’s user experience online or hire a professional to guide your redesign.

Check out INSZoom’s new and improved website

A good website redesign isn’t always cheap — it requires investment of your time, money, and effort — but a beautiful and functional website is vital to your success. A high-performing website will meet your visitors’ needs, increase your conversion rate, and improve your search engine ranking.

Visit to see our design overhaul for yourself!

And if you want to learn more about how INSZoom can improve and secure the immigration process for your immigration law firm, check out how you can truly turn your firm digital yourself or contact us directly!

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