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Our Latest Superhero Of Immigration – Sharon Cole

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: April 30, 2013

We’re thrilled to share with you another story from a satisfied INSZoom client. This message comes to us from Sharon Cole at Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Cole Law Firm:

I have to tell you about a success that I just had. Today, ICE finally decided to let my client out of custody where she had been for 10 months, awaiting her asylum hearing. We lost at the asylum hearing on Monday, last week. She was facing immediate deportation because she had a prior removal order. I scurried and was able to file an U Visa application for her that Tuesday, with the help of INSZoom. ICE let her out because of the pending U Visa.

The seriousness of this case is that she would face almost certain death if returned to Mexico because of 2 different situations involving drug cartels. The father of her child was killed 1 1/2 years ago. Her mother was shot too, but she didn’t die. They always want to wipe out the whole family. Then, last November, she testified against a drug cartel in Federal court after being told she would be safe and they would file for a S Visa for her. The DEA refused to file for the Visa, stating they didn’t want to waste their resources on her. I have been doing all that I can for months to get her help.

I finally pestered the US Attorney enough that he signed off on the U Visa last Tuesday. I’m still trying to pester the DEA, through the Office of Inspector General and congressmen to get them to submit the S Visa app in case we don’t succeed on the U Visa.

This is one of the most exciting cases thus far. I’ll pick her up from jail tomorrow and put her in a hotel until her family can come from California to get her.

Just wanted to share!

Life is made up of the Victory moments!

Thank you, Sharon, for sharing and for doing all that you do to help save lives and bring families together! We’re honored to have played a role in helping you be a superhero of immigration.

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