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Employ best practices to keep your human capital with compliance. INSZoom helps nonprofits fulfill their mission by providing comprehensive immigration solutions. Capture detailed and customizable reports that help you with donations, grants and funding. INSZoom delivers a solution that lets you save costs by managing some or all of your immigration and compliance processes. By integration the process with your existing workflow and applications, you can get more done in less time, increasing productivity and efficiency of your organization.

Key Features

• Forms for more than 190+ countries including the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore and many more
• Updated within 24 to 48 hours of release or change
• Customizable English and Spanish questionnaires

• File forms directly on government sites and track your employee’s status on the USCIS case tracking system
• Built-in document checklist tracking
• Leverage integrated USCIS case tracking system to view your employee’s status

  • Share information with Workday, ADP, PeopleSoft or any other HR systems
  • Utilize SSO (single sign on) functionality
  • Integrate with Outlook and receive alerts for court dates, meetings, appointments, case alerts, expirations, milestones, etc.
  • INSZoom-DocuSign integration enables all stakeholders securely eSign documents, retainer agreements etc.

• File for an AR-11 change of address and ensure compliance with up-to-date residence address requirements
• Manage and e-file individual and blanket LCAs with the Department of Labor
• Assign LCA to an employee, manage and maintain usage and pull reports to track details
• Capture and track I-9 documents

• Optimize productivity
• Reduce cycle time and costs for case management
• Automatically allocate workload across your team

• Use web portals for sharing of documents, monitor and track activity on cases and receive updates on status
• Email predefined alerts and reminders for case milestones, including deadlines, expiration dates, and compliance requirements
• Send mass communications to employees about important and changing immigration regulations and other relevant information
• Organize and maintain current contact information for employees, and other contacts in a single place

• Generate expiration reports to track status of cases
• Utilize our expansive set of built-in reports for reporting of case status, management, expiration and more
• Create custom reports to ensure you meet the specific requirements for grants administration

• Never miss a deadline again with intuitive, and flexible INSZoom To Do module for comprehensive task management
•Manage all the tasks in one place, prioritize critical tasks, and save time and efforts minimizing the hassles of communication


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