Data security has become the primary concern for leading businesses! Is it yours?


INSZoom MFA empowers maximum data security, opportunity to win more clients and the ability to gain a competitive edge!



INSZoom MFA is a best-practice approach to help keep your clients’ data secure. It’s simple- contact us to sign up for MFA today, by filling up the four form fields.


Why should you start using INSZoom Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ?

Maximum Security:

MFA adds an extra layer of security to your clients’ most sensitive immigration data within the INSZoom application. This optional but highly recommended security feature guarantees secure and reliable access to the INSZoom application. The user is required to provide more than just a password to access the application.

Keep Your Data Secured

Today, the risks of cyber threats are greater than they’ve ever been. Analyzing vulnerabilities has become a priority for businesses of all sizes. INSZoom MFA takes security to the next level, upping the security of your INSZoom application.

Win More Clients

Today, MFA is a security best practice and having it available in INSZoom is a bonus. Having the capability to offer your potential clients this service gives you an edge over your competitors.

Position yourself as the best

Data security is a primary concern for businesses across the world. By offering INSZoom MFA to your clients, you position yourself as an authority and gain a competitive edge in the industry. Businesses are demanding maximum data security and with INSZoom MFA you are meeting the demands of your potential clients.

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