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Posted by: INSZoom | Date: December 11, 2015

I hope everyone enjoyed reading about email templates, why you should use them, the benefits of using them, what types of emails can be turned into templates, and quick glance at how they look. For my next installment on Customizing Your Case Management System to Improve Efficiency we are going to dive into case steps/reminders (commonly called case steps) and also known as work flows.

If you learn anything from reading my blogs on how to improve efficiency this is the blog where I want you to sit back and really digest what I am going to tell you. Of all the things you can do with INSZoom’s Knowledge Base, this one is the most powerful.

By using case steps you enable your firm to:

  • Create case steps that mirror your internal processes and how you process cases
  • Capture key dates (case initiated/documents received/application filed/application approved, etc.…)
  • Ensure accountability within your team as you capture key dates when case steps are marked as completed
  • Ensure that all team members are processing cases the same way
  • Report on case steps and case status
  • Provide case status to the foreign national, HR and Global Mobility through the portals (foreign national and corporation)
  • Add “events”
  • Add reminders
  • Add court dates
  • Provide quick email updates on each case step
  • Start a case timer

When case steps are created in the Knowledge Base you can add an “event”. An event in INSZoom is an action that occurs automatically. You can choose when the event will occur. For example: it can occur when a case step is deleted, when a case step is changed to completed, when a case step is changed to not started, and when the case step is changed to a work in progress.

Once you decide to add an event and when the event will occur you will then need to choose what you want the event to do. Do you want to send an email, update a custom case status or update data? An email event is a robust tool that can be used to optimize efficiency so we will continue our discussion focusing on them. After you choose to send an email then you must choose to do it in background mode (where it goes out without you seeing it) or in interface mode (where it pops up and you see the email).

The email event can be set up so that when it is activated the email can be set up in its’ entirety and the user will have very little to do other than click “send”.

Items that can be added to an email event so they automatically occur are:

  • Who the email is addressed to. This can be the foreign national, HR, Global Mobility, Case Manager, Vendor, Supervisor, etc. You can even choose if they will be in the “To, Cc, and Bcc fields”.
  • You can create the subject line using keywords.
  • You can pull an email template from one already created in your Knowledge Base.
  • You can choose who will have access to the email in the portals (foreign national & corporation portals).
  • You can choose if the client can upload documents
  • You can add email case receipts
  • You can add questionnaires for the client and/or relative
  • You can link forms for the client and/or relative
  • You can link a docs check list

When you review all of the above options just imagine the intro email that you can create to your clients by simply marking a case step as completed. You mark the case step complete, the email pops up, it is addressed to your clients with the “To” field, subject line, and body of the email completed using keywords, with the questionnaire and docs check list that you need attached. All with the click of a button! It’s a beautiful thing!

If you want to greatly improve the efficiency and accountability of your team, capture key dates, and be able to properly report on case status; then case steps are the one thing you must master within INSZoom. You will no longer need to link questionnaires, forms, and docs check lists to emails.

Take the time to create well thought out and effective case steps and you will see a return on your investment in no time. A new case can be opened and initiated with your client in a matter of minutes. Your clients will think you are amazing at how fast you accept new cases and reach out to the foreign nationals.

Here is a quick glance at how case steps/reminders appear in the Knowledge Base

(Click image to enlarge)

This is how the above case steps/reminders appear when you open the case.

(Click image to enlarge)

If you would like more information on creating case steps in the Knowledge Base please reach out to me, Christen Gause, for more information. I am happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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