Marie-Claire Garneau

Director of Information Technology

BCF Business Law

Meet Marie-Claire Garneau from BCF Business Law!

How long has your organization been using INSZoom?

It has been almost 8 years now.


What was the reason you chose INSZoom?

We chose INSZoom to support our new Immigration Group back in 2009. We had identified them as being the ‘best of breed’.


Which INSZoom add-on module/service does your organization use and how has it helped?

We have had access to web training via the knowledge base as well as personalized ones and it is very helpful in broadening our understanding of the software. We have also used the configuration package, which has allowed us to be more performant and provide better service to our clients.


How was your transition from the previous case management software to INSZoom?

We were not using any Case Management Software before this purchase.


How has using INSZoom changed the way your company does business?

It was purchased and deployed to support a brand new Practice Group to manage their Immigration cases.


What is your favorite part of INSZoom?

It allows us to track important deadlines, customize our own reminders and, in general, manage a case from start to finish. We also have access to a large knowledge database and customer support is very responsive for any questions we might have.


Why would you recommend us to someone else?

It caters to small and large firms. Zoom can be customized to fit any immigration firms’ needs and offers a large range of option that will allow them to manage cases in a way that best suits their practice..


Describe INSZoom in one sentence.

A one stop shop case management system.

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