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Making payments more convenient with online billing [Video]

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: April 27, 2015

How easy is it for your firms’ clients to make payments? Hello, and welcome to INSZoom’s video blog.

Clients often have busy schedules of their own, and it may be difficult for them to remember to sign on to pay bills. Recurring payments boost convenience for both lawyers and clients because they can occur automatically at designated times.

Online recurring payments ensure clients always pay bills on time. With INSZoom, law firms can easily set up online billing so busy clients can use a credit or debit card or enroll for recurring payments.

In addition, immigration lawyers can use INSZoom to establish payment plans, track and maintain plans over time and help clients manage their invoices for specific periods of time.

Thanks for watching and check back with INSZoom for more immigration news.

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