Leadership Team

INSZoom’s executive team is made up of key leaders in the industry and established entrepreneurial business people. We bring the best of technology to the world of immigration through continuous innovation.

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Umesh Vaidyamath

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Umesh Vaidyamath is our Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Launching the first cloud-based software company in the immigration industry from his home in 1999, he built a strong foundation for the success INSZoom enjoys today. Comfortable in roles from the boardroom to writing code, his vision serves as a catalyst for growth not only at INSZoom, but across the industry as a whole.


Raj Vaidyamath

Vice President

Raj Vaidyamath Known as an inspiring leader, our Vice President has held various technical management positions and was an integral part of the company’s growth from a startup to industry leader. Focusing his efforts on customer service and information technology, he ensures that our clients can successfully implement and maintain our products and solutions to meet their evolving business demands.


Sunil Kolkur

Product Owner

With nearly 17 years of experience with INSZoom in nearly every role, Sunil Kolkur holds a breadth and depth of knowledge of INSZoom’s infrastructure, Data Security and processes. He is a key member of the leadership team keeping the infrastructure, Application & Data Security up to date with New Technology and Innovations.


Lawrence Dsouza

Product Architect and Delivery Manager

Lawrence Dsouza is our Product Architect and Delivery Manager. A key member of the leadership team, he drives strategic initiatives and works closely with product management, marketing, customer success and business development teams on product direction, development and transformation. He leads our engineering team and builds products and features that deliver true business value to our customers..

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Satisfied clients

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