It’s here – Introducing INSZoom Canada Edition, a comprehensive immigration case management and compliance software!

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: April 18, 2018

We couldn’t keep this under wraps any longer – we’ve just launched the INSZoom Canada edition for the Canadian immigration landscape. A comprehensive immigration case and compliance management software for immigration law firms, corporations, MNCs, non-profits, immigration attorneys, global mobility professionals, regulated Canadian immigration consultants and human resource professionals, making immigration processes efficient, productive and profitable.

According to a U.S. study, Canada was ranked to be the second-best country worldwide, to live as an immigrant. The recent unpredictable changes in the U.S. immigration policies have made Canada the frontrunner with its pro-immigration policies, making it a popular hub to attract international tech talent. A reputation of welcoming immigrants, Scandinavian countries are looking to Canada as a thought leader in immigration and integration policies. With an increased influx of immigrants, having Canada-specific immigration solutions is critical more than ever before to make Canadian immigration processes seamless, efficient and profitable. That’s exactly what the INSZoom Canada edition provides where you can:

Capture an applicant’s data on smart questionnaires. An efficient way of collecting, curating and capturing information from an applicant with a pre-defined document checklist;

Auto-populate data on all barcode forms;

E-Filing solutions for online application processes such as Express Entry;

Gain deeper insights into your immigration data with Zoom Ad Hoc Reports having robust reporting capabilities; and

Have your clients check their immigration statuses with online self-service portals like Foreign National Portal (FNP) and Human Resources Portal (HRP).

This is just the beginning. INSZoom prides itself in updating forms within 72 hours of official release and with a Canadian data center, an applicant’s information stays within Canadian borders.

We’re excited to give immigration professionals in Canada, the power to manage their immigration processes with a comprehensive immigration case management software that will increase efficiency, foster transparency, grow their business and elevate productivity in the entire process.

See the features and the INSZoom Canada edition for yourself at the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Immigration Law Conference on April 19-21, in Ottawa, ON. We’ll be there!

If you have any questions, you can simply email us at sales@localhost or call 925-244-0600 x 1. This will put you right in touch with our around-INSZoom-Canada, around-the-clock team!

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