Invest in immigration case management software this year and receive a tax benefit

Posted by: | Date: December 23, 2014

Businesses, nonprofits and law firms all watch their bottom line closely. Accounts receivables, cash flow and debt all come into play when deciding on how to use any bit of extra money saved up at the end of the year. Some years, organizations take the conservative route and keep their money in the bank. This can be a smart move. But, if the company is behind in integrating new technology or has needed a software upgrade for a while, that money could be better put to use.

Organizations with extra cash should purchase a cloud-based immigration case management software platform to improve their processes and ensure success in 2015.

Did we mention it’s tax deductible?

An investment in the organization

“Purchasing an immigration case management software program is an investment in the organization.”

Depending on the partner’s, director’s or executive’s school of thought, technology and software may not be high on their priority list. However, it should be. Purchasing an immigration case management software program is an investment in the organization – one that can pay multitudes by improving efficiency and productivity and reducing the risk of malpractice claims.

The reasons to invest in a case management program are the same reasons businesses want the most up-to-date equipment or the most experienced workers – these are the things that make the organization successful in the long run.

Keeps workers ahead of the curve

Immigration case management software is the one tool organizations need to ensure they’re 100 percent compliant with all immigration regulations. This is particularly crucial at a time when President Barack Obama has announced numerous immigration reforms that will likely be implemented in 2015. An immigration-specific management platform will ensure attorneys and HR professionals are never behind on the newest rules and have the most recent forms at their fingertips.

Keeps workers up to speed

Not only will a case management platform make sure workers are never behind on immigration law changes, it ensures clients are moved through their case as quickly and smoothly as possible. The built-in workflows for the different types of immigration visas or matters lets attorneys and HR professionals move from one phase to another in the process without missing a step.

business Did you know organizations can write off the cost of their cloud-based case management system as a business expense?
Provides tax benefits

A cloud-based case management program is generally sold as software as a service (SaaS). This means, it’s an ordinary business expense under the U.S. tax code and organizations can write it off.

Makes the investment look more appealing, doesn’t it?

Purchasing a case management program seems like a major expense at first glance. But, understanding the service can be written off as a utility or office expense promotes using the end-of-the-year cash for something that will make any organization more successful and profitable.

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