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INSZoom is now live with AWS Canadian Center

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: November 9, 2017

INSZoom, the global leader in immigration case management software, is proud to announce our newest INSZoom data center, which has gone live in Canada!  By growing our datacenter footprint in Canada, INSZoom gives our customers more flexibility and ability to run workloads and store data more efficiently in Canada and throughout North America.

We look forward to serving our new and existing Canadian customer base with this opening, as the new data center will also be open to existing INSZoom customers who would like to process and store data within Canadian borders.

Just like with all INSZoom data centers, the Canadian data center supports Hardware Firewall, Software Firewall, Intrusion Detection Systems, Antivirus Software, Operating System Security, INSZoom Application Security, INSZoom Database Security, and 256-bit Encryption/Decryption, as well as will serve our Canadian customer needs regarding data sovereignty laws when accessing user data and storage within its borders.

The addition of this Canadian data center is yet another example of INSZoom’s commitment to enhancing our Canadian customers’ ability to compete in the global mobility and immigration marketplace. We will continue to build and launch additional data centers in order to serve customer growth and meet increasing workloads in the cloud.

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