INSZoom gives you more ways to get paid!

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: December 3, 2019

We are so excited to bring you yet another way of getting paid. In addition to the existing payment gateway integrations INSZoom offers, we’ve additionally partnered with LawPay because they’re one of the best and go-to solutions for the legal industry, trusted by more than 85,000 lawyers.

INSZoom uses the “Accept Payments” feature of LawPay which seamlessly allows INSZoom to connect to LawPay payment gateway, making it simple to accept online payments for the invoices.

With this INSZoom-LawPay integration, INSZoom customers benefit with:

  • Increased Efficiency – Your customers can pay online while payments are recorded directly in the INSZoom system.
  • Increased Profitability – Reduce manual effort and time and focus on what’s important -your clients and business.
  • Delightful Experience – Make the customer experience delightful, seamless, error-free and collaborative.
  • Increased Security – Keep your customers security concerns at bay, because this integration does not require you to share credit card information.

Subscribing to this add-on subscription is an extremely simple two-step process.

  • Login to INSZoom, subscribe to online payments and enable LawPay with its login credentials
  • Choose LawPay as online payment mode while sending invoices to customers or accepting payments

“We are very excited about this partnership with LawPay as we work toward defining efficient billing features in our immigration case management system. Several law firms in the United States use INSZoom’s premier case management solution and the Billing Module to manage invoices and bill their customers for various services,” stated Lawrence D’souza, Product Architect at, Inc. He further added – “Integration with LawPay, further enables our clients with an additional option to accept payments online with just a click of a button making the billing process efficient, effective with a user-friendly experience.”

If you’re an INSZoom user and would like to subscribe with our LawPay payment gateway integration, please submit your information here.

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