Improving communication and transparency in the immigration process

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: March 3, 2015

Every immigration process takes multiple steps and a whole lot of time, which means foreign nationals waiting for good news are often out of the loop for weeks during various stages. It’s easy for busy attorneys and immigration case managers to move forward with a matter as is needed without keeping their clients up to date or with only brief communications when necessary. This way of doing things creates a lack of transparency – a veil between the professional and the client – that often leaves foreign nationals and their families unnecessarily worried about the chance of receiving the outcome they need.

But the process doesn’t need to be this way. While distance may feel like a barrier to communication, immigration-specific case management software like INSZoom provides attorneys and case managers with the tools they need to ensure their clients are 100 percent in the loop and never unsure of what’s going on with their case.

One platform for all

One of the main benefits of INSZoom is that it creates a private, secure and collaborative environment. Through personal logins, clients can access information about their cases, see an estimated timeline of events and know where they are in the multi-step process.

Instead of worrying about when they’re likely to hear back from a government agency, their attorney or case manager, clients can simply log in to the case management platform and see for themselves.

A two-way street

If clients are still worried or simply have a question, the secure client portal allows them to reach out to their attorney or case manager. There’s no need to use unsecure email or making a call when they can message others directly through the platform.

“With INSZoom, there are no more barriers to consistent communication.”

Additionally, professionals can make notes regarding the case to share with clients, or other staff members if necessary.

With INSZoom, there are no more barriers to consistent communication. It doesn’t matter where the immigration professionals and foreign nationals are located – they can talk and work together at any time of day through the case management system.

Efficient communication

For the immigration professionals, INSZoom offers numerous tools to keep clients up to date without wasting precious minutes within their busy days. Automatic notifications and emails regarding specific dates, appointments and deadlines can be set up, and professionals are able to broadcast messages to all of their clients ensuring important news reaches everyone.

It’s understandable that in certain circumstances communication between immigration professionals and foreign nationals can lapse. Attorneys and case managers are responsible for complicated tasks for many clients at once. However, transparency and consistent communication is key to ensuring client satisfaction. By using INSZoom’s many communication tools, immigration professionals know their clients are always up to date with what’s going on in their cases.

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