How your case management system can make work-life balance a reality

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: January 27, 2015

You wake up early and head into the office, stopping only at the coffee shop for your morning brew. You dive into the stack of papers on your desk and emails in your inbox, maybe stopping for lunch, until it’s time to head home. After a quick dinner, you open up your laptop to get a bit more done before going to bed and starting the cycle all over again.

Does this sound like your typical day?

“Attorneys’ and HR professionals’ schedules often fill up to the point where they forgo workouts or spending time with friends and family.”

As attorneys and HR professionals who manage multiple clients and tasks throughout the day, your schedules often fill up to the point where you forgo workouts or spending time with friends and family. During peak immigration application seasons, you can even find yourself laughing at the concept of work-life balance.

Regardless of what industry culture may say, this doesn’t have to be you. There’s no need to let hobbies and relaxation slide to the background.

With a comprehensive case management system, you will:

Never forget a deadline or meeting. By integrating the CMS and office calendar, you drastically reduce the risk that an appointment will be entered in one place and not another. Not to mention, integration means you only have to enter appointments and deadlines into one program once. No more duplication, which takes up twice as much time. Additionally, many programs will automatically add the relevant deadlines to your calendar depending on the type of immigration case, meaning you don’t have to take time out of your busy day to do this yourself.

Never lose a phone number or email. Nothing is a bigger waste of time than having to search an inbox for an email containing a phone number. Having contacts integrated with the CMS means a client or opposing counsels’ information can be pulled up in a matter of seconds, whether you’re in your email program or the CMS looking at a file.

work-life Attorneys and HR professionals won’t have to pull out their hair in frustration if they save time using their case management software.

Never wait for a file. Having all of your client files at your fingertips means there are no time-consuming trips to the file room or waiting for your colleague to finish with a document you need. When you need a specific form or piece of information, you can look it up immediately – even if a dozen other people are looking at that information too.

Never miss billable time. A CMS drastically cuts down on the time it takes to input your billable hours, review client accounts and send invoices. Tracking time within the management platform ensures you don’t miss a minute of billable time by forgetting to check the clock or right it down, and with just a few clicks you can report an event on your calendar as billable time.

Never generate a useless report. Once you ensure the right data is entered into the CMS as soon as possible, such as accurate billable hours, you can worry less that inaccurate or obsolete information will make it into your reports.

Investing in immigration case management software can improve your work-life balance by making work processes more efficient and saving minutes, or even hours, throughout the work day, ensuring you don’t need to open your laptop after dinner. Imagine what you can do with those hours – enjoy a yoga class, pick up painting or even catch up the latest season of your favorite show.

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