How to convince your boss to send you to INSZoom Immigration Conference 2019!

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: August 13, 2019

So, you’ve just got a little over two weeks until INSZoom Immigration Conference (IIC) 2019 – Zoom Early Bird Special pricing tickets sell out. On an average it might take a week to convince your boss that sending you to this conference is the best idea for the whole team. If the fact that IIC is synonymous to immigration and global mobility is not convincing enough, then –

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Is the targeted domain training and conference sessions really worth the cost and time away from your desk?

The answers are yes and yes. Here are three reasons that will help you convince your boss.

1. “IIC will help strengthen my immigration knowledge. There are unlimited learning opportunities at IIC.”

If your work day is all about working on visa petitions globally, interacting with attorneys and checking immigration updates for the employees of your organization, then you cannot afford to miss this conference. Get your questions answered by industry experts and leverage the knowledge gained for your organization. At the core of IIC are great learning opportunities and invaluable interactions with industry experts. Day 1, November 5, will be consumed with immigration domain training and the latter part of day 1 and the entire of day 2, November 6, will be all about conference sessions on best practices, global immigration trends, U.S. immigration, compliance, taxes, automation, global workforce, talent acquisition and so on. This is invaluable! We take pride to offer a targeted immigration domain training, which is difficult to find elsewhere.

2. “IIC has a structured networking platform with an emphasis of a support network.”

IIC attracts the most powerful and leading speakers in the industry. The speakers on the stage are amazing but the folks in the seats next to you are fantastic too. We’ve got attendees coming from leading organizations like you each year. Check out the list of amazing companies that attended previously here. IIC is the biggest immigration event and this is your opportunity to make connections and share best practices. Whatever your company size, the IIC community is ready to share their knowledge, skills, best practices or a lunch with you. Connect and re-connect with your peers and learn more from their respective immigration workflows. IIC is designed to connect you to people you can learn from, both at the conference and after. There is so much knowledge you will take away with you. Some of the industry’s top experts will be there and you will have access to the best and brightest thought leaders in the industry.

3. “I will be inspired to perform better”

Change starts with you, yes you! With a strong keynote every year, you will be inspired to engage and take back all the knowledge you gained at IIC to your organizations and bring change!

Of course, we do understand that every boss is different and sometimes it’s beneficial to listen to your gut. If you follow these guidelines, you will make it much easier for your boss to say YES!

We’re excited and counting days until we see you in Bengaluru, India on November 5-6. We believe that registration is your first step in your IIC journey, and you want to get your boss on board ASAP! Come and join us for two coffee-packed days with unparalleled immigration education, thriving community and galaxy of speakers. Bring your team and sign up with Zoom Early Bird Specials ending at the stroke of midnight on August 31

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