How to be productive while working away from the office

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: March 5, 2015

For numerous reasons, more immigration professionals like yourself are working away from their offices than ever before. Some are choosing to work from home while others have taken on travel responsibilities that have them working all over the globe. Whatever the reason for being away is, you need strategies and tools to ensure you’re as productive outside of the office as you are in it.

“You need tools to ensure you’re as productive outside of the office as you are in it.
Use technology for unlimited access to files and forms

It can be risky business to travel with physical client files, whether you’re driving home or taking a day-long flight from Los Angeles to New Delhi. By taking paper files, you chance losing them or having them destroyed in an accident. You also make them unavailable to your coworkers for a significant period of time. Not to mention, an issue may come up regarding a file you didn’t bring with you or require a form you don’t have on hand.

Instead of relying on paper files and documents, cloud-based case management software like INSZoom ensures you can access whatever you need, anytime and anywhere. You simply need to log in to the secure platform, and everything is available, whether its a client file, business report or specific immigration form.

Invest in a helpful mobile device

Almost everyone has a cell phone theses days, but can you get any work done on it? While you likely take your laptop everywhere to work, it can be cumbersome to pull it out while you’re waiting to board a plane. Instead, purchase a tablet or state-of-the-art mobile phone that allows you to work even if you only have a few minutes.

INSZoom works great on tablets and smartphones, all of which will keep you connected to work with just an Internet connection and login.

Immigration professionals can stay productive on the go with INSZoom.
Continue to collaborate with coworkers

When you’re working at home, in a coffee shop or a hotel in a foreign country, it can be easy to become an island and lose track of what your coworkers are doing. However, many of your cases require you to work with your coworkers, and you shouldn’t let being away from the office get in the way of that.

INSZoom is an important collaboration tool because it allows you and your coworkers to work on the same project at the same time, even if you’re on two different continents.

INSZoom integrates with your calendar program so you can all quickly see each other’s schedules and set up conference calls and virtual meetings. Additionally, you can leave notes in client files for your coworkers, ensuring you’re always on the same page.

In the modern immigration industry, you can’t always sit still. You work when and where you have the opportunity to work, whether it’s your kitchen, an airport lounge or a hotel room. By using INSZoom, you’re as connected to your office and colleagues as you would be if you were only a few steps away at your desk, ensuring you can remain productive wherever life takes you.

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