How This Law Firm Increased its Revenue by 300%

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: February 1, 2019

It’s not every day you come across success stories where revenue is boosted by over 300%, but that is what INSZoom did with immigration law firm, Gokare Law.

Here’s a little introduction about the law firm – The Gokare Law Firm (GLF) is a premier metro-Atlanta based law firm that has been providing its clients with outstanding legal solutions since 1999 primarily in the area of Business Immigration Law.

How it all began –

In 2010, GLF was first introduced to INSZoom by a then-partner firm. Additionally, Manjunath Gokare, Attorney at Law at GLF, also a regular at AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) national conferences, spotted INSZoom as exhibitors every year. After seeing the demo, GLF with its partner firm, was impressed by INSZoom and its capabilities.

Prior to 2010, GLF was working with a case management software that offered only form-filling capabilities. Absence of a complete immigration case management solution resulted in manual data collection and entry, increased case production time and reduced efficiency. The firm could not take on more cases due to these issues.

The firm’s vision was to add more clients to their portfolio. This would be possible with a complete immigration solution that offered not only forms but immigration forms and questionnaires, comprehensive case management, automation of processes, prospect management, billing, stakeholder engagement & communication, reporting and integration with other tools. Manjunath Gokare identified INSZoom was the immigration software which provided all the above and would serve as a catalyst of growth for GLF.

GLF decided to get on board with INSZoom. INSZoom seamlessly migrated data back to GLF from the partnership in less than two weeks. The case managers were trained to use INSZoom, customize questionnaires based on the firm needs, configure petitions and so on. GLF went live with INSZoom in a span of just 30 days.

INSZoom: The Solution

INSZoom turned out to be a profitable solution for GLF and became its immigration technology partner. Earlier, GLF relied on manual processes, with zero automation in the data collection process, no questionnaires and no e-Filing.

With INSZoom, GLF was able to automate the entire data collection process, efficiently use form questionnaires and customize them, use e-Filing to populate data on government websites, run reports, track priority dates and expirations. Within two years of implementing INSZoom, GLF was able to add more clients to their portfolio and process more cases. Since 2010, GLF has witnessed a 100% increase in staff strength.

The INSZoom implementation resulted in a 300% increase in revenue. INSZoom helped GLF, so much so, that they were able to add an international office in 2016 called GLF LPO in Bengaluru, India.

When asked about what was his initial perception of INSZoom and whether it changed for the good/bad? Manjunath Gokare stated:

“I was impressed with how sincere the people at INSZoom were. They were open to suggestions and inputs to enhance the product further. INSZoom is changing for the good and runs parallel to the changes that the immigration industry witnesses. They are customer-focused with a great customer support team. INSZoom is a trusted partner for GLF!”

We can’t wait to see the upcoming successes of GLF and will continue to be their immigration technology partner.

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