How efficiency is related to profitability

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: April 10, 2015

It’s a simple truth in the modern legal field: Profitability depends on efficiency. From solo practitioners to global firms, there’s a growing focus on ridding offices of antiquated processes, smoothing workflows and – due to the popularity of flat fees – handling cases as methodically as possible.

“There’s a growing focus on ridding offices of antiquated processes.”

In addition to this rather recent emphasis on efficiency, the legal field has widely adopted useful technological advances to meet their goals. No matter the type of law attorneys practice or how long they’ve been working, mobile devices, legal-focused software and many other technological advancements have improved the practice of law, making it easier to keep up with changes in regulations and provide clients with positive results.

Attorneys and firms that handle immigration matters in particular have become more efficient – and more profitable – by using immigration-specific case management software.

Consistent knowledge and collaboration

INSZoom’s case management system allows attorneys to create comprehensive digital files for their clients, each of which is connected to a knowledge base of not only immigration law requirements, but which also contains personal and firm-specific information.

Attorneys can access detailed knowledge regarding immigration requirements for dozens of countries and create personalized practices for their office. They never face the risk of information silos within their organization. Everyone working on cases together can access the same information, allowing for continual collaboration and decreasing the chance staff members waste time hunting down information or performing unnecessary tasks.

More efficient workflows enable attorneys to save money and work with additional clients. More efficient workflows enable attorneys to save money and work with additional clients.
Established workflows

INSZoom provides guidance within its software regarding the most efficient processes for specific immigration matters, but attorneys can also create custom and more precise workflows depending on routine cases or special matters they encounter. By establishing methodical actions for different types of immigration cases, such as H-1B, permanent resident and employment authorization applications, attorneys ensure they take the necessary steps at the right times – saving themselves both time, energy and money.

Use time wisely

By utilizing INSZoom’s case management software to its fullest potential, attorneys should be able to handle the tasks associated with various immigration matters faster than before, freeing up working hours for new clients.

Not only does INSZoom enable firms to remain entirely compliant with immigration requirements and reduce costs associated with wasted time and mistakes, it also aids law offices in helping more clients. All of these factors demonstrate how daily efficiency improves an office’s bottom line.

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