H-1b Cap Season Is Over: Now What?!

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: June 4, 2014

By Karen E. Smith

H-1B cap season. To some it instills excitement, to others dread, and to everyone, it means a laborious 3+ month season of late nights, working weekends, paper cuts and headaches.

This year’s total number of H-1B cap filings was about 172,500 (as reported by USCIS), an increase of almost 40% over last year’s total filings. This type of growth is exciting to see, and many analysts say it is a sign of our economy’s post-recession recovery.

Now that the lottery is over and USCIS is slowly working through the piles, firms and corporations are experiencing one of several scenarios: their cases are being receipted; premium-processed petitions are getting approved; and the unlucky cases that weren’t selected are slowly being returned. An immigration practitioner’s work doesn’t really end when that petition goes out the door – H-1B cap season lingers for months beyond the April 1st filing deadline, and before you know it, the next year’s season begins.

As our customers recover from this year’s cap, we encourage them to utilize Zoom to streamline processes, by setting up their systems in such a way as to facilitate the most accurate reporting; to document rejected cases and bookmark them for FY2016; and to use the future immigration status fields to automate the foreign national’s status change to H-1B holder on October 1st.

Share your best practices tips in the comments section below! How do you use Zoom to help you prepare for a new H-1B cap season?

Karen E. Smith

A seasoned business immigration professional with over seven years of experience in client service based immigration law and immigration software implementation.

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