Foster transparency in the immigration process

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: December 13, 2017

Do you get similar questions from your clients?

“What’s the status of my case?”

“What’s the deadline of submitting my documents?”

“What documents should we request from our foreign nationals?”

Phew. The United States has a long and proud history as an immigrant nation. It’s no secret that immigration case management processes are complex, consists of multiple steps, stakeholders operating from various locations and these processes take a whole lot of time. Completing cases for a favorable decision and meeting case deadlines are the primary goals for attorneys and case managers. While doing so, attorneys and case managers get busy and communicate with clients with only brief correspondence when necessary.

This leads to lack of transparency where foreign nationals and their families are worried about various stages of cases and receiving a favorable outcome.

This process doesn’t need to be this way. This process can be transformed to become transparent, open, clear and immediate. While distance may feel like a barrier to communication, an immigration case management software like INSZoom provides attorneys, case managers, HR officials and foreign nationals with portals to ensure that foreign nationals and clients are 100 percent in the loop and never unsure of what’s going on with their case.

Private, secure and collaborative

The primary benefit of INSZoom as your immigration case management system is that it creates an environment among all case-stakeholders, that is private, secure and collaborative. One platform that makes communications open, transparent, clear and immediate. With INSZoom personal logins, clients can access information on their cases, learn about an estimated timeline of events and know exactly where they are in the multi-step process.

A two-pronged approach

INSZoom stakeholder portals have a two-pronged approach giving more power to your clients’ HR officials as well as their employees. If clients are worried, anxious or simply have a question, the secure stakeholder portals like Human Resources Portal (HRP) and Foreign National Portal (FNP) allow them to reach out to their attorney or case manager. This eliminates the need for email communications and innumerous phone calls. HR officials and case managers can also make notes regarding the case to share with clients, or other staff members if necessary.

Isn’t this a relief? With INSZoom, there are no more barriers to consistent communications. It doesn’t matter where the immigration professionals and foreign nationals are located – they can talk and work together at any time of day through the immigration case management software.

Efficient and automated communications

For immigration professionals and attorneys, INSZoom offers tools that keep clients up to date, without time-consuming activities. Automatic notifications and emails regarding specific dates, appointments and deadlines can be set up, and professionals are able to broadcast messages to all stakeholders ensuring important news reaches everyone.

Transparency in immigration billing

What about transparency in fees? You put in a lot of hardwork to get a favorable decision for your clients’ cases, do you get paid on time for all your efforts? INSZoom Billing makes sure you do and no case goes unbilled.  With INSZoom Billing you elevate transparency with your clients in the financial aspect of immigration processes as the billing tool allows you to send invoices and reminders directly from the application.

Days get extremely busy and immigration attorneys and case managers are responsible for complicated tasks for many clients at once. This may lead to a lapse in communications. The INSZoom Stakeholder Portals give visibility to foreign nationals for their cases, conform to internal processes of an organization, empower responsiveness and transparency and is a path to open and organized communications. Need to learn more? Just hit us up here: INSZoom Stakeholder Portals.

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