Flowchart: The H-1B Cap & Onboarding Process Explained!

Posted by: Bhumika Shah | Date: May 11, 2018

Around this time of the year, I’m sure you’ve received many “What happens next with my case?” “When will I know if my case was selected in the lottery?” “Will I receive an RFE?” “What do I need to do once my case is approved?” type of questions. We’ve created this flow chart which you can conveniently share to answer those questions and tons of emails that have flooded your inbox.

You know the H-1B season seems never-ending with steps after steps. INSZoom – your immigration technology partner is here to help and this 6-point action plan will help you make the most of INSZoom features and ensure everything is up-to-date!

Update, update and update. With several updates coming in almost every day on H-1B petitions such as – case got selected in the lottery, not selected or if an RFE was received, be ready to receive and record receipts for the petitions that are selected, break the bad news for the ones that didn’t and start working on next steps for RFEs received. Following the INSZoom H-1B workflow allows you to efficiently manage caseloads and anticipate possible bottlenecks in the process. Keeping your cases up-to-date helps you stay on top of things!

INSZoom Email Sync to your rescue. Wouldn’t it be great to categorize and automate all your client email communications within INSZoom? Or be able to receive and send case-specific emails without navigating out of INSZoom? Or be able to access all email communications related to a case by simply opening a case in INSZoom? This is possible with INSZoom’s Email Sync. Answering those client emails and questions and managing to keep your inbox in control during this important time is exactly what INSZoom’s Email Sync will help you do.

INSZoom Case Steps & Reminders to elevate efficiency. The INSZoom Knowledge Base is our most powerful immigration case manager tool and you can utilize its features to your advantage for the H-1B Cap & Onboarding Process. Creating case steps and reminders that mirror your internal processes help you capture/track key dates like application selected in lottery, receipt number, application approved or RFE received and so on. In this entire process, reminders are your best friends. This is just one of the many things that the INSZoom Knowledge Base can do for you!

Seamless collaborations with INSZoom Stakeholder Portals. If your clients have been hit with an RFE, INSZoom Stakeholder Portals like the Foreign National Portal (FNP), make the entire process clear, transparent and immediate. Foreign Nationals can seamlessly upload required documents, so can the HR with the Human Resources Portal (HRP), they get access to the status and progress of the case and it also lets them view case-related emails and notes.

Your time is valuable (and billable too!). While you’re working on these cases, whether approvals, denials and RFEs, don’t forget to get paid for all your work and effort. The INSZoom Billing tool ensures that nothing goes unbilled. It’s one of a kind, built for immigration workflows and runs parallel with your immigration and accounting workflows. That’s why we said, ‘one of a kind!’

Effective reports through efficient case management. To identify what needs to be done after approvals, rejections and RFEs issued, it’s important to determine the clients who are going through these stages. How do you do that? The answer is – with INSZoom Reports. The first step in being able to obtain and run good reports is making sure everyone is using INSZoom the exact same way and entering data in all required fields to meet your business needs and the needs of your clients. You will be able to meet client requirements better through effective reporting.

You can do so much with INSZoom while saving time, elevating efficiency and increasing productivity in the entire H-1B Cap & Onboarding process. In case you need a handout to give your clients, here’s a PDF of the flow chart that might come handy – Flowchart: The H-1B Cap & Onboarding Process Explained!

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