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Conference / Events
The top highlights of INSZoom Immigration Conference (IIC) 2017



After all the months of anxious anticipation, preparation and growing excitement, it’s hard to believe that the biggest immigration conference – INSZoom Immigration Conference (IIC) 2017 is over! Two days packed with informative sessions, targeted domain-training, breakout sessions, speakers, networking and fun, went by so fast. So, in case there’s anything you missed, here’s a rundown of the top highlights from IIC ’17.

1. Content for every stage of immigration and beyond.

No matter what immigration or global mobility role of a company the attendees belonged to, IIC 2017 accommodated content from every stage of immigration and beyond with topics like global taxes, compensation and compliance. We took meticulous care to craft an agenda that expounded upon previous IIC conferences to add exponential value for repeat and new attendees.

2. The not-so-common conference.

IIC is not like any other regular conference. It’s an experience that binds the members of the immigration and global mobility together. This year was no different and the immigration conference was the experience where all members of the industry, regardless of maturity or company size, came together to invest in the professional development of themselves and their teammates in immigration and global mobility to collectively move the category forward. It was the perfect mix of fun, information exchange and training.

3. “The business of immigration and global mobility has the power to transform people’s lives!”

Umesh Vaidyamath, Founder & CEO of, Inc. opened the conference with a powerful welcome address. He rightly said, “The business of immigration and global mobility has the power to transform people’s lives! This is the opportunity that drives and will continue to drive each one of us in this room.” The welcome address set the stage for the entire conference and kickstarted it on a very positive note.

4. The immigration minds won over the Bengaluru traffic.

We’ve all heard that Bengaluru traffic can be bad. This was the highlight (a fun one). All the attendees reached the venue on time and were registered before the welcome address of the conference. Bengaluru traffic- as bad as it sounds, couldn’t delay the attendees of IIC 2017.

5. Immigration is fun!

There is a common misconception that the subject of immigration and global mobility is boring! IIC 2017 debunked this myth by carefully navigating through various topics of global immigration and mobility with a structured dose of fun sessions, games and quizzes.

6. The conference attendees did not want to leave!

It’s a sign of success when conference attendees do not want to leave the venue. That’s exactly what happened at IIC 2017. After the vote of thanks address, the attendees were still glued to their seats and did not want to leave.

And that’s a wrap for IIC 2017 – check out photo memories of the conference here. See you next year!

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