Conference / Events

Conference / Events
INSZoom & AILA, an association of over 18 years!



At INSZoom, beginning the new year not only means working towards a new product roadmap, new challenges, and developing innovative solutions, but it also means to prep up for the AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) National Conference. To us at INSZoom, it is one of the most important events we look forward to all year.

Why? INSZoom and AILA go way back to 2000, when INSZoom exhibited for the first-time ever at an AILA regional conference. Since then, every year to this writing, INSZoom has been honored to support AILA.

INSZoom has established itself as the technology partner of the immigration industry, joining in with AILA’s mission to promote justice, advocate for fair and reasonable immigration law and policy, advance the quality of immigration law, nationality law and practice, and enhance the professional development of AILA members.


The Annual AILA National Conference is a key event for INSZoom; over the years it has given us the opportunity to obtain first-hand feedback from our clients. It has helped us to do better each year by giving us a channel to meet our customers and know how our product is used for their success. Speaking to our customers has helped us gain insight into their challenges and determine how new INSZoom features will elevate their immigration case management experience. Every passing conference has given us customer experiences, journeys and use cases of how our customers have been successful using the software, that we share internally with various teams. Real positive outcomes from real people has motivated, inspired and educated our team to devise better solutions for our customers.

AILA has further allowed us to increase our brand awareness and expand our reach to other potential customers as well. It has given us the ideal showcase for our products and solutions to a targeted audience. Every year has been a new learning experience at the AILA National Conference from the traffic we receive at our booth, to our customers’ willingness to provide a referral to prospects taking a demo or new prospects visiting our booth based on the INSZoom advantages their peers have communicated to them. We have received the opportunity of meeting INSZoom customers who are our strongest brand advocates.

We continue to support AILA and its mission and truly believe in the intrinsic value of the event and the community we build through it.

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