Do you get your client’s consent on your Terms of Service? Do you have a record of your clients’ committing to the accuracy of the data they provide?


If you answered no to these questions, then it’s time to protect your firm with INSZoom’s e-Consent tool in your INSZoom application!



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There are so many processes and pieces of information needed to submit a complete petition, you might be missing out on a crucial step, protecting your organization! INSZoom’s e-Consent tool has your back. With this module, you can:

Use automated e-Consent to protect yourself and your organization:

That’s right! The e-Consent module covers you and your organization with all the legally binding documents pertaining to a case/petition type.

Ensure accuracy and validity of the information your clients provide:

Working on an immigration case requires you to receive tons of information from your clients. The e-Consent module will require them to validate the accuracy of the information they will provide.

Have your clients pre-consent to your Terms of Service:

Every firm is different with the services they provide to their clients. This module will get your clients pre-consent to your firm’s Terms of Service.

Customize the e-Consent message to your organization’s needs:

With this module, you can have the e-Consent message customized per client or case type.

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