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Does your firm’s software protect against security risks? [Video]

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: April 20, 2015

Data security is a growing concern for many organizations. In 2014, there were 783 data breaches, exposing 675 million records.

Law firms in particular can find themselves breaching confidentiality if they don’t take the proper steps to secure their internal systems.

Does your software offer strong enough protection? INSZoom partners with vendors and invests in the latest technology to keep data secure. Not only can organizations be confident that they won’t be exposed to vulnerabilities, but INSZoom also backs up data in three separate U.S. locations every 15 minutes in three separate U.S. locations to prevent it from being lost in a natural disaster.

As visa regulations change, firms with INSZoom remain protected and maintain a high level of compliance.

Additionally, INSZoom audits its platform each year to make further improvements to security.

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