Do you know what your clients really want?

Posted by: INSZoom | Date: April 14, 2015

It’s not enough to know the law for you to be a great immigration attorney – it takes understanding what your clients truly want from you and making an effort to satisfy them. Often, clients look for more than just a positive result at the end of their cases. In addition to obtaining the desired outcome, clients expect you to prepare them, communicate regularly and demonstrate actual value for the cost of your services.

“Clients want to see the value behind their payments.”

You might think to yourself: “I know all of this.” But, are you making the effort to live up to these demands?

Communication is a must

If your clients don’t hear from you for weeks or even months during slow points in their cases, they may feel like you aren’t paying attention to them. This can lead them to be dissatisfied with your work, even when you’re doing everything you can.

It’s important to maintain routine communications with all of your clients to show them you care and you’re on top of your work. Of course, you update them when anything important happens or you receive notifications regarding their matters, but if you enter a waiting period, make sure to set reminders to contact your clients as a courtesy – even when there’s no news.

Preparation is key

Many of your clients aren’t aware of the ins-and-outs of the immigration system, which is why they need you. If it were easy to apply for a visa or work authorization, they’d do it themselves. Your clients need you to not only prepare the necessary forms, but to guide them through the steps, including how long they’ll need to wait to hear from the relevant government agencies or the courts. Explaining the average timelines of various processes is a necessary step to preparing your clients for the work to come.

INSZoom’s online portal helps attorneys and clients communicate.

Value over cost

Whether you work with a flat fee or hourly billing arrangement, your clients want to see the value behind their payments. You should consistently invoice your clients with detailed descriptions of the work you performed during that period of time. Bills without explanations can lead clients to wonder if the charges are accurate.

Let INSZoom help you

Regularly communicating with all of your immigration clients, ensuring they feel prepared for what’s to come and maintaining an accurate and efficient billing cycle means you’re going to need more help than from your paralegal. You need comprehensive case management software like INSZoom, which has the features and tools necessary to easily track cases and keep in touch with clients.

INSZoom has multiple functions that create a two-way street for communication. You can send automated and manual emails and alerts to clients, and they can respond and send messages to you from the client-facing portal.

INSZoom’s portal is also a space where you can store education materials, allowing your clients to sign in and prepare for their case.

Additionally, INSZoom integrates with your billing system, making it quick and easy to keep invoices up to date, send bills to clients and even receive payments online.

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